shoulder climing

by amy
(fort atkinson wi)

I recently bought an amazon parrot, named Kimiko I've been trying to look up some information online, and have read a book, that really didn't give me a lot of infomation. I have four questions.

The first one is, does anyone know what type of amazon I have? Kimiko is mostly green. The only colors he has on him, is a patch of yellow on the top of his head, and rainbow colors on the edge of his wings. I've seen birds that look similar, but the pictures are not exactly what he is, some have more yellow etc on their necks.

My second question is I have been working with him, he is already very tame, and doesn't mind being held. However, I know that I am supposed to keep him eye level, or below my eyes, but he continues to crawl up on my shoulders.

Even though I redirect his postition when he does this, he continues. I've tried telling him "no" firmly as he's creeping his way up, but he's not cooperating. How do I stop him from doing this. He will be three months old in a couple of weeks, is now a good time to train him, or should I wait until he's a little older?

I also have a little pacific parotlette (cutie), do amazons normally get a long with a smaller speices? I have put them together (one in hand, one in cage) and Tango, the parotlette seems to like Kimiko, because he just stares at him not making any aggressive movements or sounds toward him, but kimiko, the amazon however went toward him with beek open. Do you think they'll ever get along? How do I introduce them to each other, and try to make friends?

Thanks so much,

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Sep 23, 2009
by: Linda

Amy, sounds like you may have a young Double Yellowhead or Yellowfront Amazon. It takes time for the Double Yellowheads yellow to get down on neck and sometimes shoulders, and he is very young now.The Yellowfront's yellow never goes down on the neck but stays on head and a little forward.

Shoulder is NOT a safe place for a bird to be. This is any bird of any size. They can inflict a very bad injury to face or eyes from this vantage point. When he starts up your arm, drop you arm down (don't throw the bird down, just gently drop your arm down), and then pick him up onto your hand. Have a playtop or stand alone perch around, so you can take him and put him on his perch when he does this shoulder climbing. What has happened here is that other people have let him do this, and now it is a habit. He is not being mean or uncooperative--he's just doing what he's always done, so you need to change your tactics from always telling him NO and making him feel bad to putting him on a playtop or perch, giving him something else to do when he tries to get on shoulder(distractions). When he stays on your arm or hand and does not climb up, make on over him in a higher pitched baby voice about what a good boy he is and "good job" and use his name. When he is bad, take him and say a firm but not mean NO and put him either on his playtop, perch or back in his cage for just a few minutes. Training sessions should not be more than 15 minutes and you can do them a few times a day. You have a very young baby here, so go easy on him while getting your point across. Get his mind off shoulder sitting, and be firm yet gentle at the same time. He will not learn if you raise your voice or lose your temper--he will STOP listening to you at all.

Also, if he has not been, please take him to an Avian vet for a checkup to make sure he has no infections or other problems before starting training. A sick bird will not learn.

Keep us posted and post a picture of your bird, so we can get a look at him to tell which species of Amazon he is.


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