Shredding greens vs. eating them

by Donovan

My indian ringneck seems to enjoy greens. Collard greens and broccoli are his absolute favorites, but he doesn't actually eat them. They're like glorified chew toys to him.. He will shred them up especially the stems and make a big mess but i can't tell that he's actually eating any of it.

Is he still getting nutritional value from it? I assume he is because if he were shredding up something poisonous he would surely get sick.

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Oct 08, 2013
about the shredding
by: Donovan

Aside from the dangers of grocery store vegetables, assuming he is getting proper organic greens, does he benefit from only shredding them up? Poisoning wasn't the actual concern in the question, he does in fact enjoy a variety of pellets.

Sep 30, 2013
Shredding greens vs. eating them
by: Linda

Unless you are buying Certified Organic, he IS getting poisoned everytime he tears these greens up. Of course, if he was actually eating them, it would be worse. Anything you buy in the grocery stores has been grown using chemical fertilizers and bug sprays. Any veggies or fruit will be poison from both of these sources.Dried fruit from regular grocery stores is dried using sulphur which is deadly for birds. Always buy only certified organic that states on package NO SULPHUR used in drying/shelf life process.

My suggestion is to start to change your bird over to Harrisons organic pellets. Their pellets are 100% nutrition with nothing else added including fruit and veggies. Fruit and veggies can be only 10-15% of total diet anyway which means very small amounts a few times a week. The Harrisons should be 80-85% of the diet or more. They make a very nutritious and tasty bird bread mix too. Get the Sunshine Factor's organic red palm oil for the oil called for and two whole eggs plus water. Below is a link on how to go about changing your bird over to a really healthy diet, and the bird bread will help with the change in that it is made using the pellet base plus some delicious organic and wholesome ingredients.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

The change from junk pellets or all seed diets takes a while, and the above instructions were written by an Avian Vet and will get your bird there faster. Birds can have no animal proteins, junk food which includes human food while eating the organic pellets because it will cause a major problem with balanced diet. Your bird will thank you for this gift of healthy food to grow a healthy body and mind.

All organics have to be refrigerated after opening, so get out what you will use for a feeding and allow it to come to room temp for about 20-30 minutes before feeding. The bread is baked, sliced and put into saran wrap and then into freezer bags. You take out only what bird will eat in a day or two at a time and let it get to room temp after thawing. It keeps in freezer 6 months and in refrigerator for 4-5 days, so don't take out too much. Your bird will love it, and it makes the change to the pellets that much easier.Be sure to read all directions and suggestions on packages of both pellets and bread mix. I've fed this food for many years' and have healthy birds who have to see a vet almost never for any physical complaints.

Keep us posted.

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