SHUT UP!!! Quaker Parrot screaming

by Samantha
(New York City)

My quaker parrot blueberry will not stop screaming if I walk away from him. Anytime of day if he doesn't have my undivided attention he will scream his head off without stopping. I beg for advice to get rid of this terrible habit before I'm forced to give him away.

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Mar 05, 2008
One simple way to reduce screaming
by: Anonymous

My Sun Conure will scream at my husband, but not at me. The reason is on our responses. When he screams at my husband, my husband yells back "shut up!" This is great fun for the bird- he loves it and continues screaming!

However, if he screams at me, I simply put him back in his cage and walk away. To help him get the point, I sometimes wait in the next room for him to stop, then walk in, praise him and take him back out of the cage.

Now he knows that screaming means that his favorite human goes away, so he doesn't do it unless he's very very excited or agitated. There are things you can do to discourage screaming, but it is also part of a bird's nature and will never completely stop.

Feb 01, 2008
Shut up
by: Win

Hi Samantha.

I had the same problem with my Goffin. Only he was in a screaming mode for about 6 months and it was almost a constant scream.... I would try the following... When he is screaming. Do not react to him. Continue to walk away. When he quiets then go back in the room, give him a treat, something you do not give him a lot of, and praise him. Does he have enough toys? Make sure he has some shredder stuff in his cage. Get some of the Shredder Palm Leaf for him. Found at most pet stores.

Jan 31, 2008
by: Anonymous

Only come to him when he is not screaming then give him a reward.He will learn if he wants your attention he will have to be quiet for it.

Jan 29, 2008
Screaming Quaker
by: Anonymous

Bunny screamed when I covered her cage until I started whispering to her, so if she screams I go to her and talk softly and she is o.k.
She is a little over a year old and is also a Quaker.
Sometime birds will scream just for attention and they will accept being told to shut up because that is attention.

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