sick african grey

by Mary
(El Cajon, CA)

I took my parrot in on september 18th because she really wasn't eating much and not talking at all. She also was weak and sleeping alot during the day-something she NEVER does. The vet put her on Timentin for 10 days po and an antifungal im injection for 7 days-last dose given this morning. The vet did cxray, cbc, liver panel think that's it, all labs were wnl except for low wbcs'.

I'm just worried because although she is eating much better she's still weak and not talking. I'm not sure if she's improving or getting worse...very hard to tell right now. After we give her the meds also she appears to be off balance for a bit maybe 10-20 seconds. The cxray was clear only thing the liver was smaller than normal? Well, any input you have would be greatly appreciated, today is Sept 24, 2009 and I'm just not sure what to do now, thanks Mary

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Oct 24, 2011
My nine year old bird
by: Anonymous

Keeta did not seem Right today as she did not say morning to me and could not keep her eyes open, also she has not eaten or drunk any water so took her to the vet. There they put her out and done xray and took blood they also put food in her tummy and gave her meds and gave me some to take home, have to wait for results of blood now. Ihope she will be ok as she is very special to us. cost us £250 so far.

Mar 02, 2010
by: Jodie

My african grey was throwing up clear, not eatting and very sleepy, now she's not throwing up and is eatting alot and drinking alot of water! also, she's not talking at all! Could she be laying an egg?

Editor's note: No, your bird is very sick and needs an avian vet ASAP

Sep 29, 2009
Sick African Grey
by: The Vet

Your bird is not well and needs to be diagnosed. I recommend finding a board certified avian veterinarian. It is possible that it is just a bacteria and the Timentin was not the best choice of antibiotics for this case. Put a heating pad on a small cage and get the temperature of the cage to 85-90. This will help until you can get her to a specialist.

Dr B

Sep 24, 2009
by: Linda

With a liver smaller than normal, I'd ask the vet if she could be having some problem processing all the meds. Ten days seems a long time for a bird to be on meds, and the anitfungals take a lot out of people much less birds.

I'd call vet and tell them about how she is doing, and see what they way. It could be that between the infection and the meds to clear it up, she is knocked down somewhat. Don't let things go on if you are worried, and it may just take her a while to get over the effects of all the meds.

Birds do not have any fat on their bodies, so all meds have to be processed by the liver, and if hers is smaller than normal, she may need a liver panel done to see if her liver is the problem. We have Borzoi dogs (Russian Wolfhounds), and vet almost killed my girl when she went in for a spay. They also do not have any fat, and vet overloaded her with drugs, and it was touch and go with her for about a month. So, what I'm saying is that if there is a problem it may very well be with her liver, so please have the vet draw blood to see how liver is doing.

If her liver panel and counts come back within normal range, ask him if she just needs time and quiet and rest to recover which may be the case. Just don't take any chances as liver failure is deadly.


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