Sick African Grey

by Cat

My boyfriends parrot has just been taken ill. It is shaking and can't use its left leg and sounds like its choking.

The vet said to leave him in the cage, but didn't let us know what it might be. Please help?

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Nov 27, 2009
Sick African Grey
by: Linda

I'm not sure I understand your question. Did you take him to the Avian Vet? If you just called vet on the phone, you MUST take bird in because he is very sick and will need to be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

So, if you have not seen an Avian Vet, make appointment and take him in immediately or as soon as you can get an appointment. He will NOT get any better without an Avian Vet's help.

The "keep him in the cage" is NOT a diagnosis and is not treatment, so you may wish to call another Avian vet or tell this one he needs to come in and be seen. Hopefully, they already recommended bringing your bird in, because if they did not, they are not very good vets to start with. Also, you cannot take a parrot to a regular dog and cat vet as they don't know know how and are not licensed to treat exoctics including birds, snakes and other reptiles.

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