Sick Alexandrin Parakeet

by Gidgette
(Texas - USA)

Weak, loose stools, vomiting; vet said high bacteria count; She went round of anitbiotics the first of Setpemter and got better. Same sickness again; keeping very warm; using Reglan for vomiting and have some Enroflaxin 100mg/ml --- giving gave .02 cc but am not sure it that is enough every 24 hours. She is underweight (approx 100 grams total) Please advise.


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Oct 12, 2009
Sick Alexandrine Parakeet
by: The Vet

I recommend that you go in to see your avian veterinarian for a recheck. If you have not yet seen a veterinarian, then you need to see one now. I cannot legally make treatment recommendations without seeing your bird.

Reglan is not as effective in birds as it is in other animals and it may be contraindicated in some cases. Have you have x-rays done? Recurring infections after antibiotic treatment indicates that the incorrect antibiotic was used, or the infection is resistant, or there are concurrent infections, or that there is a different primary disease and the bacteria are secondary, or the antibiotic is not getting to the site of infection, or the treatment was too short.

Vomiting is a serious sign of disease in birds and may indicate that there is more going on that a simple infection curable with antibiotics.

Dr B

Oct 08, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

First of all clear ALL MEDICATIONS WITH YOUR VET BEFORE GIVING. If vet gave you the meds and told you how much, then follow directions to the letter. Your bird is not getting well because the bacteria has not been removed from bird's living quarters. Bird's cage, perches and toys must be washed in hot water using some antibacterial product that rinses off very well. You can use a diluted solution of bleach and water of 1 teaspoon per gallon of water if you wish, and make sure everything is rinsed and then rinsed again. Once the bacteria that is making bird sick is finally removed from area, she should recover.

You need to be working closely with your Avian Vet as this can also be Giardia--ASK VET ABOUT GIARDIA. Giardia is contracted in unclean drinking water, and believe me, it can be coming right out of your kitchen faucet. Boil all water your bird is drinking until she improves. Boil the water and let it cool with a cover on the pot. Then pour water through something like a coffeefilter or cotton cheesecloth--something clean and small pored.Have your water checked if vet finds Giardia(have it checked anyway) as it is a killer and makes people sick too though it takes more to see the effects.

Once bird is done with antibiotics, she may then have a fungal infection that will need to be treated by vet. Watch for signs of sore throat or scratchy voice, coughing and such after she is well from the bacterial infection.

DO EXACTLY AS YOUR VET SAYS AND DO NOT MAKE IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG. Your bird is in very bad shape, and you need to be feeding her baby parrot hand-feeding formula with a syringe. Sick birds, not eating enough. will die regardless what meds they are taking. You can find RoudyBush in a pet or bird store and syringes at your vet or feedstore. Mix according to directions and heat up some--test on wrists to make sure it does not burn your skin and bird needs to be fed as much as you can get down her several times a day. Ask vet how much how many times a day she needs to be eating. If you do not do this, your bird will die as it is already losing a lot of weight. Birds go into kidney and liver and heart failure when they have lost too much too fast.


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