sick baby african grey

by anne
(johannesburg south africa)

My baby african grey 17wks has been very lethargic the past 3days and is not eating. Tried hand feeding fresh fruit also to no avail. He is taking in very little water and looks asif he wants to fall off to sleep. His stool is very watery and green. I've taken him to the vet over the past 3 days and he has received antibiotic daily but does not seem well yet and is def not himself. Vet couldn't see anything in his stool.
I'm keeping him well covered but really concerned, please help

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Apr 20, 2011
checking for the baby african grey
by: hanna

hi ,hows your bird doing know is he fine know ?

Apr 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

I've never had a baby parrot but at 17 weeks I think he would still need formula. I may be wrong. I got my grey when he was 5 but my sun conure wasn't weaned until 3 months and I think its longer for larger parrots.

Apr 11, 2010
sick baby african grey
by: Linda

YOUR BIRD IS DEATHLY ILL AND THE AVIAN VET NEEDS TO DO A THROAT SWAB TO SEE WHAT KIND OF BACTERIA IS GOING ON HERE BEFORE THIS BIRD DIES. Birds do not last very long without food and water and add stomach upset to that, and you have dehydration which kills in a short time period.Giardia or a viral infection may also be going on, so vet needs to cover all the bases and quickly. Your bird need IV fluids which the vet will have to administer.

SO TAKE HIM BACK TO VET AND HAVE THIS PERSON DO THE PROPER TESTING ON HIM BEFORE HE DIES. A throat swab will show if this is a bacterial infection. A viral infection is diagnosed another way, AND THIS VET NEEDS TO GET BUSY HELPING YOU SAVE THIS BIRD. You are running out of time, and your bird is in the process of dying as we speak.

Have the vet first diagnose a bacteria BEFORE he gives medicine for an infection because this could be Giardia which is common in some drinking water and needs to be treated differently than a regular bacterial infection as Giardia is like a parasite. MENTION GIARDIA TO THE VET AND HAVE HIM DO THE PROPER TESTING FOR A CORRECT DIAGNOSIS. Your bird will need to be given IV fluids, so the Vet needs to do this before bird dies.THIS IS AN EMERGENCY OF THE LIFE THREATENING VARIETY, SO GET BIRD IN IMMEDIATELY AS AN EMERGENCY.


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