sick bird

We have spent over $900.00 on our red headed amazon. We have not gotten the blood test or other test back but their seems to be no answer from the expert vets. Do you have any answer. He throws up his seeds,which we took him off of but he lost weight. Put him on pellets but he doesn't like. He does eat his fruit. He has been on 7 different medicines. Any expert answer is better then none. Thank You

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May 10, 2009
maybe hormanol and or feeding you
by: Anonymous

could be youre bird is sexually hormonal and will feed you by throwing up his seeds , to us it looks like thow up when its actually trying to feed you, also should have blood test ran

Apr 15, 2009
Sick bird
by: The Vet

Has anyone taken any x-rays? What blood work has been done? What was cultured? Any results on these things yet? Based on the list of antibiotics, antifungals, and other antimicrobials, they have unleashed an arsenal on..., well, I don?t think they know what they have attacked. It sounds like they have just thrown everything at what is assumed to be an infection.

Personally, I don?t think this is the right approach to your bird?s problem. Diagnostics are the key to figuring out what is causing the symptoms, and it sounds like not enough of that has been done. The things that can cause what you are describing include (but not limited to) heavy metal poisoning, PDD, intestinal blockage, other toxins, liver disease, kidney disease, and of course infection. However, after all of those antimicrobials, if your bird is still sick, then infection is not there or not the primary problem.

Cultures can take a week or more to get final results, however, most labs are able to get blood results back to me in 48 hours or less.

Dr B

Apr 12, 2009
sick bird
by: Rose Marie

My bird has been on Batrille,3 shots,then 10 days of the medicine. Also at that time he was on Nystatin. Then they put him on Trebrissin. Then on Clavomox and
albon. The expert vet. put him on Flagyl and he started vomiting again. He is also on a boaster Avix. Thank YOu for asking any information that I can have is well appreciated. We are now waiting on the blood test and culture. Its been over a week. Thanks again.

Apr 11, 2009
Sick Amazon
by: Tracie

Is it possible for you to give Dr. B more information about what tests have been done and what medications have been tried?

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