Sick bird

by Christina
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Hello, how are you going? my name is Christina and I live in Australia. I have a beautiful white pigeon called Whitie, who is really tame. He is actually a wild bird but we made friends and we have been best mates for 3 years. I hand feed him and pat him and he even walks into the kitchen with me when I go inside.

A few weeks ago, he got a bacterial infection and the vet gave him an injection and antibiotic tablets for me to give him. He seemed to get better for a few days. He even went frolicking through the flowers after the vet gave him an injection- it must have made him feel better. But then a few days later he started to limp, and to topple over sometimes. I rang the vet and the vet said that the infection probably had gone into his kidneys.

I looked it up online and I am guessing that it is what is called gout. The next day, he went missing, and now he has been missing for 4 weeks. I am really sad. How long could a pigeon with gout live for? I don't want to give up hope of finding him. Will I keep trying to find him? I made a youtube video of how he looked when he was sick, and how he frolicked through the flowers as soon as he had seen the vet. (Video removed, it didn't work and editor will not take a chance at posting links to possible inappropriate material.) Thanks heaps for your time, I do appreciate it a lot. Kind REgards, from Christina

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Feb 03, 2010
Thanks heaps for that :-)
by: Christina

Hello, and thank you so VERY much for all that great advice, I do appreciate it a lot. Kind Regards, from Christina

Feb 02, 2010
Sick bird
by: Linda

Thanks for writing, and I really have no information about gout other than since it appeared to come after the meds bird was given, I'd say there is a direct link there. Did you take him to an Avian Vet? Avian vets are the only ones licensed to diagnose and treat birds.

Birds have hollow bones and no fat on their bodies unless they have been eating all seed diets and people food soaked in fats and salt. Salt will kill a bird, and it does so quickly unless the amount of salt is a little bit here and there.

You can do a search on gout on the internet, and people can be treated for this illness with good results.

We are sorry about your bird, and the problems may not all stem from a vet not knowing what they were doing. Even some Avian vets don't know what they're doing which means we have to shop around for knowledgable people to treat or birds. We have two in our area and one is young and therefore does not know as much as she will in the years to come. The other is a burned out dog, cat and bird vet who actually does a pretty good job of treating the birds though if they require any surgery, we have to go to the more inexperienced one as she has performed some good surgery over the years.

One thing I do know about meds is that birds cannot be given dosage based on just their weight as this will result in overdoses which go directly into the kidneys and liver to be processed and can and does cause death from the treatments. Birds have no fat deposits like we do or like most dogs and cats do, and this is why more skill is needed to treat them.

For all of you reading this, please, please do your homework with the vets you are choosing to look after your pets whether they are birds, dogs, cats or whatever. All vets are not at the same level of skill plus some of them do not really care about the animals, just the money a vet can make which is an astounding amount.

Get as much information about them as you can before taking pets to them. You can call the Better Business Bureau to see what their track records are. The Vet Medical Association is another place to find referrals to vets with a clean record. With Avian Vets this is more difficult as most places have too few of them to go around. Just try and be as careful as you can because your pet's lives depend on it.

thanks again for writing,

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