Sick bird?

by Erica
(Montgomery, Pa)

African Grey

African Grey

I have a 4 year old congo african grey parrot named Cricket. Last night, she started making squeaking noises after eating some spaghetti. At first, it seemed like she had the hiccups. Due to the fact that birds don't have diaphragms, I knew that wasn't the case.

I am wondering if she has a piece of spaghetti that's too large caught in her crop or syrinx. She was acting normal at first. She was playing and talking. But, the more she started squeaking and chirping, she stopped talking. She doesn't appear to have any labored breathing, however. And, when at rest, she doesn't make those noises. She wasn't shaking her head or trying to regurgitate anything. She is perched on one foot and her wings aren't drooping. She is at rest now and all seems normal. I'm quite confused as to what is going on with her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 29, 2012
Sick bird?
by: Linda

If it had meat sauce on it, then the meat and sauce combination could be making her sick. Birds do not eat people food just like people do not eat bird's food. Your bird needs to be examined by an Avian Vet as soon as possible to make sure there is not something lodged in her throat or stuck in the crop. Red meat is the worst thing you can feed a bird, and spaghetti, unless it is whole grain and came from a health food store guaranteed to be certified organic, is empty calories full of nothing but starch that turns into sugar.

So, take her to avian vet and make sure there is not something wrong with bird. Intake of toxins slowly poisons, and you may not see anymore symptoms until she dies, so do not wait on this.

Feed your parrot only organic pellets like Harrison's found here. The organic pellets should be 80-85% of the total diet with some organic fruit and/or veggies making up only 10-15% of diet which means small portions a few times a week. Harrisons makes a bird bread mix that helps with the changeover from seeds or junk pellets to the nutritious ones. Get Sunshine Factor's Organic Red Palm Oil for the oil it calls for. Below is link to article written by avian vet about how to go about changing from seeds or junk pellets to a high quality pellet:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Make NO changes until your bird has been examined by an Avian Vet to see if she has any physical issues. Changing diet is too much stress for a sick bird. Stop feeding all human food especially that bought in regular grocery because it is all dangerous for birds and creates imbalances in their dietary needs and sometimes poisons them outright as is the case with salt and sugar.Fruit and veggies found in regular groceries sometimes comes from Mexico where they do not regulate what is sprayed on the food which poisons it for both human and bird use.

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