Sick Budgie... Help Me

by Hannah

Hello, this is my first year with parakeets and I don't know a lot about the sicknesses they can get. So of course, my girl, Starburst, became sick I guess. One second she was flying around, the next she was at the bottom of her cage dying. I still have my boy, Jazz, who had been with Starburst for years. I got them from a rescue and they were both older birds, 8, Jazz and 10, Starburst I believe.

I bought a girl parakeet from Petco, Skittles, and she passed away the same way Starburst did. I am very worried about Jazz. He has been acting like Starburst before she died. He has been all puffed up for long periods of time, looking on the bottom of the cage for food, which might be a instict or something. Also, Jazz has been sleeping in the nest I got for Starburst and he is male, he sleeps puffed up with his head back cuddling his face into his back feathers. Jazz is always excited to see me and hand trained him, I really don't want to lose him. Please help! Thank you for your time and help!

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Mar 28, 2013
sick budgie
by: Alex

I am very concerned you have left it so long, and still not seen a vet.

He is deteriorating right in front of your eyes. The symptoms you describe each time you post are even more serious.

We cannot diagnose over the internet and NEVER buy any medication not prescribed by an avian vet.

I cannot stress how important it is that Jazz is seen otherwise he WILL die.

I am surprised he has lived so long.

The reason he is not so friendly and tame is the same treason we don't want to be pulled about and be around people when we are feeling unwell.

I am not trying to scare you, but it is against the law not to take an animal to the vet when it is ill or injured. You are breaking the law.

I know you do not mean to and care about it, but you are allowing unnecessary suffering.

If you cannot afford vet treatment can you really afford a bird.

Responsible owners need to be able to:
-Provide adequate food and water of good nutritional value.
-Provide enough toys and enrichment objects.
-Provide veterinary care.

I am not trying to be nasty, but I am very concerned for the welfare of your bird


Mar 28, 2013
Jazz <3
by: HB

Jazz has been better and has been chirping and playing with his toys again! I am very worried still though because I haven't found a way to pay for a vet visit. I am moving to another house and need to pay for that so the vet hasn't been in the picture sadly. Yesterday I was giving him a treat and I noticed gross gunky goo coming stuck to his bottom. I got most off with water but this has worried me a lot. does anyone know what my baby boy could have? I could get medicine for him but a vet might need to take blood and do tests and that would cost a lot more! Also there are not many Avian Vets around where I live. Please help Jazz! He has been nervous around me also, he used to jump on my hand or arm as soon as he saw me! I don't think he trusts me as much because the loss of the girls. I don't want to get another bird to keep him company through the day because I wouldn't want him or her to get sick also... As a present I got baby chickens and I don't want them to get sick so I have kept them in a different room. Please help me diagnose Jazz and find a way to help my boy! I am trying my hardest to get extra money so I can take him to the vet. I really need to know how much a vet visit will cost though!!! Thanks, HB

Mar 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

I will try to find enough money for a vet trip... I hope and pray that I can! How much do you think a vet visit will cost and will they need to take blood tests or something even more expensive? Jazz has been getting better. He has started chirping at me and singing when I stay in the room for long time periods. Im glad he is cummunicating with me more! Also he has been eating more and I see him hanging out by the cages mirror. I think he is lonely without his girl. Although, I dont want to buy another bird and have him or her get sick because of Jazz's illness. Thank you for the advice. Pray for my poor Jazz!

Mar 20, 2013
Sick Budgie
by: Alex

I have been looking at the symptoms and I am sorry, but your budgie is seriously ill. he no longer has the strength to pretend he is well.

I also am suffering badly financially but this is one vet visit you will need to make ASAP.

Without it your budgie will most likely die. Budgies cannot fight of illnesses as they have next to no immune system and must be treated as soon as symptoms appear.

If you need to ask family and frieds to lend yuo some money, but your budgie needs urgent treament to prevent death.
Good luck and I hope you find a way of affording a visit.

Let us know how he gets on.

Mar 19, 2013
Avian Vet
by: Anonymous

Thank you both for the advice! Jazz has been the same and since my girl Skittles passed away I have been worried about Jazz even more. I hand trained him and he loves being out of the cage but, lately he hasn't been coming near my hands and has been refusing to step up. I can not afford to take him to a vet sadly. Does anyone have any advice so I can help him get better... My family thinks he may be carrying a disease or illness and has become immune. Here is a list of his symptoms.

Fluffing up for long time periods.
Sleeping with his head in his back feathers and his head is turned towards his tail.
Not chirping as much and is usually very outgoing.
Not "stepping up" onto my hand like usual.
Sometimes keeps eyes half open half closed.
Cleans himself lots
Used to go in nest (he is a male) for long periods of time(I decided to take the nest out of his cage).
Also jazz wasn't given many fruits or veggies and important foods that a bird needs in his diet when he was a baby (from a rescue I got him from) so I can't get him to eat those important foods/treats. ( he will eat spray millet though)

Feb 20, 2013
Sick Budgie
by: Alex

Budgies will hide their illnesses for as long as possible as in the wild looking sick makes them look like easier prey to predators.

When a bird looks unwell they are so ill they can no longer pretend otherwise. This means that by the time we notice, they are very unell and need to be seen ASAP.

An early indcator of SOME illnesses is a change in droppings.

Feb 19, 2013
Sick budgie needs avian vet help
by: Tracie

This is so sad. Unfortunately large pet chains, like Petco, often purchase birds from mass breeders that do not care for their birds properly and some arrive sick and diseased. They pass those illnesses to the other birds they are caged with.

If the birds you bring home are not checked by an avian vet first, then you may be bringing home sick and diseased birds that will infect your other birds.

If you are feeding your birds a seed diet, this will cause fatty liver disease. If you put vitamins or supplements in their water or food, this can cause their kidneys to shut down and other health problems due to toxicity.

You should be feeding budgies 60% high quality pellets and about 40% healthy treats including seeds. Other birds get 80% pellets. If you are not feeding Harrison's or Roudybush pellets for the main diet, then you can use this Switching Budgies To Pellets article to convert your birds to pellets.

If you have other birds, use this Switching Birds To Pellets article and feed about 80% pellets.

I think Petco is the store that has a vet clinic, you might see if they will check your bird for free since you purchased it there. The better thing would be to find an avian vet if Petco doesn't have an avian vet.

Find an Avian Vet link

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