sick cockatiel

by Lisa
(Joffre Pa)

I recently had a male cockatiel operated on for removal of a mass. When I took him back in 10 days for a recheck, the vet told me he had a prolapsed rectum and that she would repair it then with my consent. I agreed and I don't believe she put him under for this.

She put in a purse stitch and said he needed no medicine for this. I already was finishing him up on Baytril and a probiotic for the first surgery. Ever since this rectum fix he has been very sick and seems to be getting worse. He sleeps with his head in his feathers all puffed up and shivers. He tries to eat and drink with our encouragement and we have been able to get him to eat toast and white rice for he loves this. His cloaca is caked with droppings as though it seems he may not be able to pass them well but I do see some fall to the floor of the cage.

Is there a reason this is happening? Has he been so bad stressed and in pain that this may have started? Is there anything I can do? It is 7 days today since his surgery.They cannot get him in for a recheck until another week and a half. What can I do and how can I help him clean himmself off? Please help.

Thank You

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Aug 24, 2011
Sick Cockatiel
by: The Avian Vet

I am sorry to hear that your bird is having a difficult time. I will help as much as I can, but you will need to have your bird rechecked or you should consider a second opinion from a specialist. It sounds like your bird is worsening and needs to be hospitalized. He also should be on pain medication, at least metacam if not something more. You cannot wait another 10 days, your bird will die before that. You need to insist that they see him or better still, find a specialist in avian medicine that will see him.

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A purse string suture is not the recommended treatment for a prolapse. It is possible that if the purse string is pulled to tightly that your bird cannot pass droppings. Also doing this without anesthesia is not recommended.

Where was the tumor that was removed? Is the sight healing normally?

What does your bird eat?

Does anyone in your home smoke tobacco?

What home nursing care are you providing? Heat (90-95┬║)? Is he eating and drinking anything at all? Does he do more than just sleep? Is he in a hospital cage or his regular larger cage? Is he being handled too much?

Dr B

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