sick cockatoo

by jason
(hamilton Ontario)

my cockatoo is always sleeping & not talking or screaming , it looks like he regurgitates & clear fluid comes out, he is eating & drinking a little , & his feathers are ruffled & sleeps alot, this bird was given to us 4 weeks ago & was healthy until a day ago when this started happening, cant afford to take him to the vets would really appreciate any help ...thanks

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Aug 28, 2011
Sick cockatoo
by: Anonymous

This is exactly what is happening to my cockatoo now. What do you suggest for me to do?

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Jun 10, 2010
How is your bird?
by: Anonymous

OMG! IS he OK??? I am an animal lover, and stories like this hurt is he? Someone gave my mom a nice White Bird, a cackatto?? he was healthy until 2 days ago, when he wasn't being his happy self, stayed in his cage and didn't want to talk. He is talking now, but his voice sounds weird, he doesn't have a cold (no fluids)....She can't afford a vet either...

Nov 09, 2009
sick cockatoo
by: Linda

You will HAVE TO TAKE HIM TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA. Your bird was sick when you got him and is getting worse. He will die unless you help him. A lot of vets will work out a payment plan with you so you can afford the fees involved. When they allow you to do this, come up with an amount you CAN pay each month and THEN PAY IT. If you ever decide NOT to pay, then you will have lost your only hope of being able to afford medical care for your bird.

Make an appointment with an Avian Vet in your area, take your bird in and allow vet to do the tests necessary to see what problem is and give you a prescription to get the bird well.

I CANNOT STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING HIM INTO AN AVIAN VET AS QUICKLY AS IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE HE IS DYING. Once he goes completely off his food, he will die quickly from starvation and dehydration, so you are running out of time.

And also understand that your bird was sick at the beginning as well. Birds try to keep from showing they are ill because in the wild, a sick or injured bird is a dead bird. The flock will kill a sick bird to keep predators from smelling it and coming around. Parrots are wild birds meaning they are undomesticated and will act as their wild counterparts do when ill.

Get bird into an Avian vet in your driving area as quickly as is possible because your bird is dying right before your eyes. Work out the financial end of this AFTER your bird is diagnosed and given medicine to help him. You may also have to handfeed bird with baby parrot handfeeding formula if he stops eating. Ask vet about this as it will need to be done using a syringe or spoon using ONLY the baby parrot handfeeding formula.

Good Luck and God's Speed,

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