sick coketeil?

by rachelle jenkins
(geelong vic)

hi i have a coketeil who shakes all the time he seems happy,eats alot,and seems to enjoy life i cant afford to take it to the vet?
also this bird seems to have a sore wing it bleeds when he bang it.does this have anything to do with it??

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Jan 05, 2012
sick cockatiel needs an avian vet
by: Tracie

You are going to have to Find an Avian Vet that will take payments, if you can't afford an avian vet. Your bird must be seen in person by an avian vet to get a diagnosis and treatment.

Dr B can not tell what is wrong or what should be prescribed to help your bird without examining it.

Yes, the shaking and the wing issue are probably related, what is causing this is totally uncertain. What the treatment will be is also uncertain. Your bird could have an infection, a tumor, an illness or a disease.

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