Sick conure

by Sam
(UK, Kent)

Sick Conure

Sick Conure

Hi. I have a 9-month GCC, and around 6months old he started to get red rimmed eye lids. I took him to the vet when one eye in particular began to look watery and sometimes close when sore. He was also becoming less pecky, his beak became flaky and weak, quiet and eat a lot more.

I was advised for him to be anaesthetised for an X-ray and blood test. The results were alarming. Small lungs, massive organs, really high WBC. They had given him an injection of long acting antibiotic (Doxycycline) and it really helped in the first few days. Without testing him for it, they treated him for the full course of 6 weekly injections for psittacosis. His treatment for this finished 5weeks ago.

Over the last few weeks, he has since developed the red rimmed eyes again, they are not as watery, and he is back to his usual self, talking loads more, playing endlessly, flying a bit more although prefers still to be a velcroe bird. But when he does fly, he sounds a bit clicky at times, and although he isn't tail bobbing, his work of breathing does appear to be slightly more exaggerated, looks more puffed out after flying, than a few weeks ago.

His eyes are also fine in the morning and become more sore and red as the day goes on. This is the same as the last time it was there.

He also began a very early adult moult due to his health problems at 6months old, but is still continuing on now from fluff to now primary feathers with occasional smaller feathers. Obviously they are coming through as blood feathers and are pin feathers. They are in good condition, and his feathers look healthy as he looks after them we'll, preening all the time. He drinks a ridiculous amount of water, and has always drank that amount since having him from 6 weeks old.

Do I take him back to be anaesthetised but put him at high risk and further long term damage from being anaesthetised?
Is this something that is probably due to permanent lung damage?
Could his eyes maybe more of an allergy as aposed to conjunctivitis as it did sort of clear after a very long time on the antibiotic eyed drops last time, and if it is probably conjunctivitis, could he have this respiratory problem back again as last time they said the conjunctivitis was secondary to the psittacosis.

I want what is best for my GCC as he has been through so much at such a young age, and do not want to put him through so much hurt... Any advise will be fantastic... :/

Thanks in advanced,

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Dec 14, 2013
Sick Conure needs more diagnostics
by: The Avian Vet

This change in respiration may be due to him not vein in shape and may have nothing to do with his problem. There may have been a relapse because the treatment was not the correct one for his infection, or because the dose was not high enough, or because the treatment was not long enough. (the latter two being the least likely). Relapse may have also occurred because of continual exposure to the cause. In which case the antibiotics only treated the secondary problem. It is disappointing that no diagnostics were performed before treatment was initiated.

May be an allergy to something environmental.

Excessive water drinking is often a symptom of something potentially serious. You should have a urinalysis and blood work done to investigate this problem. It could also be diet related. If your bird is eating colored pellets, that may be the cause of the water drinking and the allergy.

I do not see the need for anesthesia. Even so, multiple episodes of anesthesia increases risk only a very slight amount and I have anesthetized bids multiple times in a single day without problems.

Not likely but I cannot say anything definitively without seeing radiographs, lab results and performing a physical exam.

Being secondary to psittacosis is speculation without diagnostics. It is unlikely that psittacosis would relapse so quickly and after appropriate treatment. Allergy is possible, but again, you need diagnostics. It does not sound like he is exhibiting lower respiratory disease.

I would advise a recheck and possible second opinion. If your veterinarian is niot a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, then you should see one for a second opinion.

Nystatin would not have helped the eyes. The fizzing could be yeast, but it can be caused by other things too.

Dr B

Dec 10, 2013
Forgotten section
by: Sam

Sorry, I forgot to mention that his eyes began to get better after receiving Nystatin for a yeast infection as his poos were fizzing and bubbly. His poos have occasionally been fizzy over the last few days.

Dec 10, 2013
Response to Tracie
by: Sam

Thank you Tracie

Dec 09, 2013
Conure with red on eye rings
by: Tracie

I sent this to our avian vet, just in case he will have time to answer this right away. If he doesn't send an answer in the next couple of days, the your best bet is to either call your avian vet and get their advice or get a second opinion from another avian vet. (Make sure it is an avian vet, not a dog/cat vet.)

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