Sick Lovebird rejecting Baytril on her food, also trouble w/syringe administrtion

by Stephanie

My vet gave me Baytril last night (my Lovebird has upper resp. sickness and is sqeaking/weezing each breath)He told me to sneek it to her on bread "no problem". But, she refused it, and it fell on floor. So, I tried again she chewed it and immediately spit it out. So, again I tried (only 1/2 dose as I was afriad of overdosing her at this point, as all these attemps are for her very first dose!) and I squirted some in her mouth (it was such a small amount, I added about .5 ml of water, with 1/2 dose at only .25 ml, it wouldnt even go past the tip of syrnge).

It seems to drip out of her was hard to tell, she jerked away (and I even had her wrapped up in a towel). Now, Im afriad I'll waste all her medicine with failed attempts.Or worse, she'll die from her sickness because I'm unable to administer an adaquate amount! What can I do? If I hold her beak open, and fire it down the shoot, she could aspirate, right?

She was handfed as a baby, and doesnt like the site of syrnge now that it didnt have food for her. After the Baytril issues, I tried to give her the sunshine vitamins that the vet also presribed (I figured I coud master the technique, it didn't happen) the bottle said they'd eat it, or drink it right off the tip, but she flicked it with her beak and it spilled! What now? PLEASE HELP! its time for her next (the second dose) now..what can I do? I love her more that life itself!I am so worried...thank you for your help!