by U know
(U don't need to know)

I have a yellow-sided green cheek conure. She has been acting very strange lately. Can anyone please give me signs that my bird is pregnant? Like what are the symptoms?

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bird with bubble in eye

by Ramona

I have a green cheek conure (parrot) I notice in her right eye that their is bubble or a bump in it. What causes that or what can I do?

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parakeet,sick or not?

by betty

my parakeet has 3 gray spots under her beak,could it be a sign of illness?

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Orange feet.

by Graham
(Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England.)

Both feet on my ring neck parakeet have an orange tint to them. Is there something I should/need to do about this? Is it normal?
He's about 18 yrs old, fed/watered daily and well looked after.

losing feathers

by Shirley

why is my green cheek conure losing his belly feathers? He seems to feel alright eats well,is as active as ever.

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liver function test

by Ivette
(Miami, FL)



On her first post-purchase check up, my baby B&G macaw Niji's blood work has come back with a high WBC count and (46,000) a "slightly" compromised liver function (the vet's words} I had to contact the breeder who insisted I return the baby to her for treatment, rather than have me obtain the treatment from the vet myself.

Niji is nearly 5 months old and although I have had her for just a few days (after visiting her weekly while waiting for weaning), I miss her and am worried sick she is ill and moved again. I am afraid that on top of being ill, she is going to be stressed from being moved again. She was eating well and almost completely weaned, very friendly and loving to the whole family. I will be devastated if I can't get her back.

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parrot broken foot

by josem lauzon
(philippines, leyte)

how to fix a broken foot

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bird shaking head

by Dino
(south australia)

why does my sulphar crested cockatoo shake his head all the time

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Black dots on a quaker's tongue

by Mariam

Hello, I have a 14 year old Quaker. For over 2 years he has been moving his mouth as if he is eating something. It made/make me very irritated just watch him, God knows how uncomfortable it is for him. So I took him to a Vet.

The Vet opened his mouth and looked inside and said he doesn't see anything and that it could be a behaivoral problem. A year past and he still doing that, only now it seems alot wrost and more often. He just sit somewhere quite and opens and closes his mouth in very fast motions. He only stops when I distract him. What horrified me yesterday is when I opened him mouth I noticed a black dot on each side of his tongue. His appetite is good and over all he looks healthy. I appreciate any help. Thamk you.


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Lost Voice

I have a Grey Cheek Parakeet and this morning he woke up with a very squeeky voice. Not his regular voice at all. He is not puffed up at all and he ate his breakfast. He is just not making his regular noices. the sounds he makes sounds like he is in pain but he appears fine. Has anybody come across this before?

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broken wing

by Angie Dowdy
(Ruston, LA United States)

I have a question concerning my double headed yellow amazon. He got his wing caught in-between the bars on his cage. Now he is holding it out slightly and does not want me getting near him. Other then that he seems to be OK. Do you think it may be broken? If so what do I do?

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White lump

by Renee

my rainbow lorikeet has a white lump on it's back just above it's tail, it is 2 years old.
Could you give me any suggestions on what this could be?

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Swollen Cockatiel

Cockatiel has swelling in his chest.

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Shaking Bird

by Deneen
(Reno, NV)

My nandan parrot is probably in his 30's or more, and suddenly his head and body shake all the time. It is more noticeable when he tries to grab food. I will hold some food in my hand, and when he goes to get it out of my hand, he has a hard time due to the shaking. It takes him a while to finally be able to grab it in between shakes. I'm wondering if this is something that could be caused by a stroke, or maybe just old age? Other than the shaking, he acts normal, like he feels just fine. It would be very hard if I had to take him to the vet, as it would upset him severely. I don't want to cause any more damage, but need to know what could possibly be going on, and if I need to do something for him.

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bruised nostril

by jackie
(long island)

my 6month old sun conure seems to have a bruised nostril. its a little purple at the top and a bit puffy making the nostril look smaller than the other one. It doesn't seem to be bothering her but i wanted to know if its something serious that i should have a vet look at

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Is my bird sick?

by Jess
(New Zealand)

Hey I got my new Cockatiel who is 4-5 months old and brought him home around 2 ish days ago. He hasn't slept at all or drank and hasn't even ate! It's breathing also is concerning me. It is quite quick and also it trembles or shakes a lot! It always seems to be shaking mainly at the top of his wing, top of his head and chest. He also blinks quite a bit and every now and then he chirps or make a strange clicking noise with his beak. I thought he was eating (Which excited me) but he was just grinding his beak or something. He also occasionally puffs up his feathers. I'm quite worried and I wonder why he is acting this way? I know it's a new home and everything but his reaction is much worse than I thought. Should I contact a vet? Please help me!

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why does my birds backside get warm?

by ron shelton
(cockeysville, md. usa)

we have an African grey, we dont know its sex, when my wife handles the bird its bottom get warm. why does my birds butt get warm?

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parrot with a possible broken toe

by andy

i have a parrot and i think it has a broken toe, and was wondering if i took it to the vets they would be able to do anything about it?

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Parrot threw up?

by Jodi
(Harleyville, PA)

My Red Lord just threw up, Woody is 27 yrs. old we think. It was kind of just clear watery mucus; thicker than water like watery seeds...what was that? thank you

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My Quaker has some type of eye infection it is dry and crusty causing the eye to be almost closed and at times closed. It is not swollen and has not discharge. It must be contagious because the mate shows the same signs I have some vetropolycin antibacterial ointment. Should I try this and if so how long before I should see results? Thank you for your help.

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Sick bird

My alexandrine parrot droppings have recently changed to reddish, brownish. They are sometimes white, or green or runny or normal. They can sometimes be very liquidish.
What does this mean.

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Not eatting like usual

by Liz
(Ft hood)

My almost two year old Sun conure and I just moved again to another place just the two of us. The old house had lots of people though I was the only one who held him he was often fed treats. I'm worried because I've noticed he hasn't been eating as much when I'm not at home. Then when I get home he is a lot more aggressive and attentive. Which I understand it's because he is lonely.

He eats basically only what I eat when I get home. I try to feed him fruit, peanut butter and sometimes noodles. We've always shared dinner together as a routine but I usually need to top off his food bowl every morning and change it every other day. Not anymore. He also doesn't just sit and eat his meal I make him anymore. He has to be on me and eating what I eat after I take a bite.

I've tried making him his favorite food in a bowl but he will just fly to me and eat what I'm having. Which doesn't bother me as much as him not eating as much Sun Conure food anymore. This cannot be healthy behavior. I hope it's not from the move because I'm military and I'm suppose to move again in two years.

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Is it healthy?

I've noticed recently that my littly pionus parrot is throwing up, it's very watered down and i'm worried he might be sick. He still plays and eats and he is as chattie as normal...but i know how secretive birds can be. Could anyone plz give me some insite on this behavior?

Thanks. Shay and Yuri

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My bird is walking funny?

by Meg

My bird has a lump on it's foot which has a scratch on the lump and it limps while walking please tell me whats wrongs cause i really wants to know!!!!


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Red bellied parrot missing cere

by lori lynch

i have a red bellied parrot she is missing her cere she is a two year old female got her from a pet store like that lady said bird was in fight with another bird and it plucked it out vet didnt know what to do i have had her for over a year it has not changed is there any thing i can do for her so the cere will grow back?

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bird shackes

by Kim
(Sterling Hts MI)

i have a macaw i just got him yesterday and he shackes could he be cold or ust scared?

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Lost voice

by Cortney
(Jefferson, PA)

My Cockatiel lost his voice. He is not the quite type and now it seems like he lost his voice it is very soft and seems like a whisper. Other than that he seems fine he is eating and drinking. He is not acting sick he is siting on he perch and is still pretty active.

What should I do?

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is my bird sick?

by Mayelin

my parookeet started today with a yellow discharge and is puff up why is this? How can this be treated?

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by peyton

Why does a quaker parrot shake its wing a lot

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Wound in my parrots tail

by Felix

My parrot is just 2 months old. In the tail area, it tries to pluck a feather but blood comes , If I try to touch that feather it screams a lot. I have put turmeric powder mixed with coconut oil. Is that enough or anything else i hav to put.
Is this because of itching?
It used to eat fish,mutton and chicken. Is this because of that nonveg items. Can a parrot eat all those things???

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strange feet.

by micah

why does my cocketiel have one purple foot and one pink foot?

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yellow spots on tongue

by Kim R

my african grey has stopped talking and now we noticed he had s yellow spot on the side of his tongue. Do you know what this could be

Kim Ricci

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poop hanging from vent

by cara
(Brewster, ma)

Twice today I have had to clean hanging poop off my cockatiel's vent area. Is this a sign of illness? Should I be worried? He has been acting normal and this has happened once or twice before.

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Parrot laryngitis?

Can parrots get laryngitis?

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Wound on bird

by Karla

I have a prakeet and its been rubing its head against the bars on her cage and now she has a wound next to her beak what should I do?

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bird not eating

by samuel

What do you do if the bird is weak and not eating ?

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falling off of perch

today my conure parrot fell of her perch. she would climb back up and would fall backward agin. every time she climbed back up, she would fall again.

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Toe curling

by Michelle

Saba is almost 11 yrs old has always had a good life. About two months ago she started acting awfully strange. Laying on her tummy... Was she gonna lay an egg? I doubt that...

I ran to the store. Saba took to the vitamins instantly and within less than 24 hrs she started perking right back up to her old self. Well now its been about a month later I ran out of the vitamins. I got sick therefore Saba went a week without her vitamins.

She laying down again practically. Ive noticed in the last month it look like she was hobbly... I took a look at her feet.. To my suprise it look like her toe starting to grow the other direction. Man is this possible?

Is it her perch she has? Is her laying on her tummy related to her toe possibly? She stay on her perch if I put her on it. Getting her food and water which are easy access seems difficult for her... But Saba is eating and drinking and droppings seem normal.

Is this just a overreacting momma bird or should I be concerned? I did just get her vitamins again today so mayyyybe she'll make a turn around... but what about her toe thing... her other foot seems to kinda go sideways too... She doesn't want to go back into her cage. She has great difficulty walking but doesn't seem to be in pain...This may be an all nighter.

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injuries to tongue

my pet umbrells cockatoo has a large open cut in the back of her thounge, is that natural?

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left leg numb

by kirthi

hi.. i recently bought a indian ring neck parrot..
which is of 8 months old.its left leg is numb..
often screams,may be out of pain..i dont doesnt uses its left leg completely.. can anyone help me out..

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Sick bird

by Madison
(lake in the hills)

i just brought my lovebird home and he doesn't stand on one of his legs he has fluffed out feathers and closes his eyes.what should i do?whats wrong with him? please help. thanks

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help parrot wing stuck in cage

by drew

my bird got her wing cought in the cage and i dont know how long but she was trying to bit it off and her toes now she looks stressed and i dont know what to do she keeps sticking her toung out and wont fly or move she just stands there"

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wing dropping

by bronia minshaw
(yorkshire england)

hi wondered if you knew why my female african grey parrot sometimes drops her wings and makes a funny noise when my husband holds her an if he is not careful she will nip him and gets heavy handed with her mouth
many thanks
mrs minshaw

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Loose Stools and Swollen neck

by Aisha

swollen neck

swollen neck

I have an african grey parrot for almost about 24 years. For the past few days, she has started to do loose stools and her lower portion i.e bit lower the neck has swelled and it's in pinkish colour. She is not able to eat properly as i think it pains her neck. Furthermore, she has started to talk quite less which is i think also because of her swollen neck. Please suggest what should i giver her specially eatables. Loose stools are making her weak day by day but she is eating alomost everything. Anxiously waiting for your reply.....

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Bird lost foot

by Rawb/Patty

Hi our bird got her leg caught in a piece of rope and twisted it until the foot was removed . Now she keeps picking at her stump what might we do to discourage this reaction from her . Thank you in advance .

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by sara

my bird is old but is still got life in him. he has 3 tumors which he has had for a while but he is now biting them till they bleed is there anything i can do to stop him??

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my sick parrot

by Kamaran Wriya

my beauty sick parrot

my beauty sick parrot

dear sir,madam

I am Kamaran from north iraq,erbil city, I married about one year, and my wife has a nice parrot the kind of ring neck Indian parrot's ,she is a female, she start to remove her feather day after day, she became nake especially for her chest and back, we took her to dctors many times with out any benifent,she still remove her feather, it makes me and my wife very sad,and we like her as our baby, we broght her a male since one year,but still she is not happy and attacking people most times, we need a Help.

My regards

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Vomit or Regurgitation

by Brittany
(Statesville, NC, USA )

My name is Brittany and I have a quaker parrot named Cocoa.I cant tell if shes regurgitating or vomiting, because she is bobbing and stretching her neck but complete seeds and a mucus like substance is coming out of her beak. It is making me worry real bad and Im scared it might be something really bad. Can you help me figure it out? Please and thank you.

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Turning Pale

by Diane
(Genoa City, WI)

It seems over the past 6 weeks my Blue-Headed Pionus looks pale. His color isn't bright. It's kind of greyish. He's 13 years old. Other than that - he seems fine.

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bird eating poo

by Jackie

i have just come back from hoilday been home 2 week and one of my parrot has started to eat her poo, whot dose this mean

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One Itchy Little Guy

by Andrea
(Minneapolis, MN)

My Meyer's parrot cannot stop scratching! He is terminally itchy. I'm at a complete loss.

He's on a great diet (organic mix + Harrison's + dried organic fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.), and has lots of companionship -- I'm home with him most of the day. And in addition to our high quality humidifier, I give him a good soaking every morning.

His vet workups show an extremely healthy bird, so my avian vet has prescribed alternate-day misting with a product called Bird Mist, plus daily doses of flax seed oil, which he refuses (even on almonds, his favorite treat).

I adopted him last July, on his 4th birthday. In early winter, he started exhibiting some sexual behaviors, which I'm trying to nip in the bud.

Could his changing hormones be causing the itchiness and dry skin? Is there something particular to Meyer's parrots that can cause this dryness/itchiness? Does anyone have any insight for me? It's torture watching him trying endlessly to find relief.

Thank you.

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seed stuck

by bobby
(newbury park)

it looks like one of my finches has a seed stuck in his beek what would be the best way to remove it ?

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behavior changes

by Judith

Why would an amazon parrot go from a loving, amusing pet to a little monster in a matter of a few days. He won't go back into his cage without biting me now. Also when I feed and water him every morning he is striking at and sometimes biting my fingers, bringing blood.

I know when he is going to bite, that isn't the problem!! I need to know why the problem started and how to fix it. He has always been very head-strong, but this biting behavior is new. He is 13 years old and we have had him since he was a couple of months old. Help!

Frustrated amazon owner

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Is it fungal infection?

by Noel Ryan Rubi
(Dumaguete City, Philippines)

please help me save my bird I'm so worried about my red billed parrot... She keeps on scratching her axilla region... and now further complicates it... It develop a kind of wound. Or somewhat a fungal infection if I will give my opinion, anyone please help me I cannot help feeling pity and helpless everytime she does it again. I hope anyone can answer my query because the veterinarian doctor just gaved me a bird's multivitamins and it didn't kinda help. thanks

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Itchy Parrot

by CeLiA
(Imperial Valley, CA.)

I bought a African Grey Parrot a week ago and he is getting along with me well, he does have his bad times where it seems he doesn't want any attention.

He spends most of his scratching himself alot with his legs, beak, and head. He is also plucking out some of his feathers. He seems sad because he doesn't play with any toys or knows how to eat parrot snacks.

Is it normal for a parrot to scratch so much or is there something wrong? And why do they pluck out feathers if it hurts? He also has alot of pink feathers on his back, chest, and legs. Is that normal? I just want a happy healthy parrot!

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by richelle

how can you tell if your parrot id dehydrated

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dog bit bird

by Debbie

my dog just bite my parrots 2nd finger right bfore the nail. it split it open on the underneath side. the bleeding has stopped. what can i do to clean or take care of this? The bird is holding his leg up

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hybird yawns

by colleen campbell

why does my myers parrot put his head in the air and yawn? He does this several times.

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Bird with broken wing

by jenine
(new york)

my bird broke his wing yesterday. What should i do?

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is he ill?

by mark

my 5year african gray is normaly active and loud, in the last two days he has became lethargice quiet and not eatting is he ill?

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Number of symptoms

by Vibhuti

My indian ringnecked parakeet is showing different symptoms :
1. His skin is itchy
2. Feathers falling from the back , legs & tummy and not growing again
3. He sleeps all the time
4. His diet is too less

Is it normal or he is not fine?

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head nodding

by shena
(seattle, wa, usa)

what does it mean when my parrot nods his head?

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liquid poo

by Sandra
(sacramento america )

Hahn's Macaw

Hahn's Macaw

My parrot is a hanhs macaw and is 10 monthes old,latley on we have gived him any food he wants except for avocodo and chocolate, 1 week later he didnt eat nothing except his little seeds, then we nodist that he started to do poo that was very liquidish and it has been going on for a long time only liquid poo, his eyes start to get sad and we dont know what has been going on, should we bring him to the veterian, that is what we should know.

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accident with bird

hi my african grey had a accident where he crashed in to a speaker stand and the speaker fell and landed on him he was shocked and was dazed at first but then came round he has marking on his face where the speaker hit what should i watch for as he seem ok after calming down im worried it could of done damage please can you get back to me thanks.

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ill parrot

by donna
(lincoln uk)

my 16week old grey is ill we got up at 130 he was at bottom of cage we took him to vets who gave him a shot of baytril but say he thinks its a stroke now he shivering all they have said is take him to ur own vets today will he pull though this

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Bird Sneezing

by Inez

Sam has been sneezing this morning. and being a new mom I'm already worried. Please advise on signs that I should be watching for to see if it is a cold.

Dust is not an issue, but her cover I'm concerned about. I think it might be putting off dust. How warm should the room be that she sleeps in? Concerned mommy thank you. Inez

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smelly bird

why does my yellow nape amazon smell like urine?

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Weight loss in birds

by Loleta
(Tallahassee, Florida)

I've always been told to use the 10% rule. If the bird loses up to 10%, keep a close eye on them, but anything over that is cause for alarm. Now I'm hearing 5%, and if it reaches 10%, they will probably die. Even though my birds' weights don't fluctuate much, I'd like to know the answer for sure.

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by kiara

I have a rainbow lorikeet and i noticed his been leaning forward and fluffed up all day, it's been cold for the past few nights but not that cold i have to cover them up. I don't know if his sick or its just cold??

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bird sneezing

by johnny hall

my red headed amazon is sneezing a lot what is going on other than that over all looks healthy

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big lump

by Aries

hi, im 12 years old and im very scard. i have a green parakeet. she has a lump under her tail. she had it for about 2 monthes now . it is next to her "butt" like were she poops. i can tell it is hardfor her to fly, jump an do other things. is there any way i can help her?

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cause of whining parrot

by Patricia

why does my pionus parrot whine?

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both male & female lorikeets have no tail

by Lea

my lorikeets have lost their tail feathers why is this?

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red bumps

by Sydney
(St. Petersburg, FL, USA)

My 8mon. old blue and gold macaw has three red bumps on one side and one on the other, what are they?

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parrot stopped talking

by rizwan baloch



hi ... i have alexandrine male 2 year old parrot ... he used to talk alot but from previous 2 or 3 months he stopped talking ... only whistles & sounds he is producing ... he dont look sick or annoyed infact he is active & joyful, sometimes he sneeze but itshis old habit ... kinldy tell me the solution or reason tht why he stopped talking ... we tried hard to teach him words again but he just listens & reply with whistles & other sounds ! ... i am attaching his pic also

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Dry Blood

hi,theres a few things that are concerning me about my parakeet and i dont know whats wrong with parakeet has a hole in his chest and that is not going away.the hole is pretty deep and in the hole is dry blood. my bird picks on it every time and we try our best to prevent him to pick on it. sometimes when we see him picking on it we prevent it and it starts bleeding a little.can you please help me and tell me why that ia happening and i can also talk to a vet about it. usually some parakeets nose is suppose ot be blue and my parakeets nose is red. i sont know why and its been there for a lnog time. we got our birds wings clipped form the pet store and its over 2 months that the same bird who is expericencing problems has wings that are uneven so he doesnt fly straight. i dont know if this is a meergency ro wahts wrong with him. i hope this is enough detailed information for oyu to know and please tell me why this is happening. i will also contact a vetinarian and i am very concerned about my bird.

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What does it mean when a bird continues to shake it head?

by Megan

What does it mean when a bird continues to shake it head?

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standing on one leg

by tracey
(wales )

why does my green amazon parrot stand on one leg when i put my hand near him ? but wont go on my hand ?

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Found a sick bird

I found a bird on the sidewalk this afternoon; thinking that he'd fallen and broken his wing, I wrapped him up in an old shirt that I happened to be carrying and brought him inside. When I set him down and took a closer look at him, though, I noticed that he was shaking and appeared to be very ill. I immediately took him outside and set him in the bushes, although I'm sure that a cat will probably find him anyway. I live in Japan, a country in which avian flu cases have been confirmed, which makes me feel very, very stupid for having touched any kind of bird at all...

The bird I picked up was a sparrow, I think--a very plain-looking bird about two-thirds the size of my fist, with brown feathers on top and a whitish underbelly. As soon as I saw the bird was ill and had taken it out, I of course washed (and washed and washed) my hands and gargled with Listerine to attempt to clear out any viruses that may have become lodged in my throat. Did I overreact? Was it cruel of me to consign the little bird to his doom? Was it foolish of me to touch him in the first place? Can avian influenza be spread by common birds like sparrows and finches?

Many thanks in advance for your advice.

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lung congestion

I came home from work at dinner time everything was fine, all birds dancing singing clowning around as usuual.I gave them all a piece of banana went back to work.When I came back home, my black headed caique was dead and my macaw was in the process of dying.I was devastated.I felt it was linked to the banana or a serious parrot desease to loose 2 at the same time I took the birds to an avain vet for a postmortem as i was concerned it would take the others.The vet ruled out parrot deseases as he said would have taken my cokatiel first and he was fine.

His opinion was they had died from lung congestion, asked if I used teflon pans and stuff which i do not.I dread this all happening again.What I want to ask is this,What is lung congestion and is it preventable? Thanks Linda Hammond

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I Think my parrot is ill

by zoey

My parrot keeps making weird noises and twitching im really worried is he ill ?

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bad foot

by madison
(lake in the hills)

i just got my lovebird today and i noticed his foot. when he walks he walks on it instead of how his supposed to. why is he? thanks madison

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Ergent - bird falling

by Tessa
(Benoni South Africa)

My rescue Congo Grey has had and been treated for kidney failure,he had been through 5 mnth of trauma and abuse before i rescued him. He can hold on his purch but if not consintrating he falls off and finds it hard to climb back up most of the time. When he falls of he lands on his feet and cant move for a while. Its as though he goes into shock. Could this be caused by the kidney infection or the trauma?

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spitting out seeds

Why does my cockatiel shake his head from side to side while spitting seeds?

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sick parrot

My Lilac Crowned parrot has a running nose and has been sneezing. He still eats, drinks, and makes droppings on a regular basis. What kind of medication can I give him?

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Hole in chest of baby parrott?

Can you let me know if it is normal for a baby parrott to have a hole in its neck or chest.

Thank you.

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Lost toe???

by Jamie
(Cooper City, Fl)

I recently purchased a baby citron cocatoo. While he was still at the shop, a macaw bit his toe which had to be amputated (one of his front toes, 3/4 of it). He is eating pellet and fresho off formula. What kind of affects will I see in the future? Will he be able to walk normal and sit on his perch?

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Feathers coming in yellow

by Dot

A friend was told that her bird may have liver disease beacuse new feathers coming in are yellow ( her bird doesn't have yellow feathers) is this true???

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Is my bird sick?

My brown throat conjure has a bulge on the side of his left ankle (and that foot is swollen slightly), and his nose is stuffy. He also has a toe that always points straight out, rather than curving. He doesn't walk normally (possibly because of the foot problem). He acts normally, and hasnt been fed anything potent that i know he sick? Thank you.

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Swollen Red Eye

by maddi

Hi! I have recently bought an Indian Ringneck Parrot from a private seller and have had it for about a month i noticed last night that it is swollen on the left side of its eye looks like she has bumped it or something. It was really red last night so i put Saline wash into her eye. It cleared the redness but not the swelling. Do you know whats happened to her?

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Parrot sleeping on one leg

by Don
(pollock pines caLIF)

WHY do parriots stand on one foot while they are sleeping or resting?

My african grey will sit on my leg in the evening, tuck his head into his back and go to sleep! Is this normal?

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sick bird

by ezzy
(toronto ontario)

I have a cockatiel bird that looks sick weak and cant walk what can i do it also looks sleepy but doesnt want to move just on the bottom of its cage resting is it going to die?

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Green Cheeked Conure Nail Deformation READ

by Frank

We have had This bird for just over a year and it has 2 deformed nails on the left foot. The first nail appears to be broken but has always been like that. And the second nail is growing completely backwards and curving into her foot. What should i do to help her from being in pain or if you can correct the nail or how to cut it.

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ruffled feathers

by justin
(new york)

my 7 year old ring neck that i got from my dad before he moved has ruffled feathers and has holes in his wings what should i do?

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What if my quaker parrot is losing his feathers around his eyes and his eyes are literally "crying"?

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fluffed feathers

by Diane
(west palm beach, fla)

my sun conure has been fluffing her feathers a lot, and she is not as social as she used to be. can she be sick? used to always want to sit with me now just flys off me back to her cage. any in site would be helpful. thank you Diane

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by Shivani Patel
(East Brunswick, NJ)

I have an 8 year old budgie named Tweety. She is limping and her right leg is rolled into a ball. The vet said she has developed a tumor. Do tumors hurt birds? Will it be okay if we keep her in the same cage as the other 3 budgies? Approximately how long does she have to live? What if it starts to happen with her left leg? Does she have paralysis? Please help us.

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long beak

by Marissa
(new hamshire)

I just got a English Budgie a couple days ago. At the petstore I hadnt realized her beak was so long. So after I purchased her I realized her beak was so long it was drilling into her neck and she could barely eat. My mom is an artist so she decided to do it herself.

I thought it was a bad idea so I went outside while she trimmed her beak. When I came back inside my bird was okay and the beak was trimmed. Should my mom sue the petstore for not trimming the beak when it gets that long and not giving the english budgies cuddle bones?

P.S - The bird is okay and her name is Twilight after the book ive had her for a few days and she is okay.

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Parrot with Hurt Neck

by Pam
(Dover, NJ US)

I think my parrot has fallen and hurt his neck, what do I do

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Something stuck in bird's throat

I think there is something stuck in my African Grey's throat and I cannot afford vet bills, is there another way to get it out?

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sick parakeet

i think my sons parakeet is sick its all puffed up and keeps closing his eyes what can we do to prevent it from dying

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lump on parakeet

by cathy
(staten island, new york usa)

i have a 3 year old parakeet that has developed a golf size lump bear her butt. at first i thought she was having eggs because there is a male 3year old also. they have been together since birth. the female bird is still eating but now seems to be with her head turned in, like sleeping. can you offer any advice.

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baby budgie with deformed leg...

by natasha peace
(perth, western australia)

hi, i have a nearly five week old budgie with a deformed isn't splayed or anything like has a swollen but not red knee joint and the lower leg and feet is on it's side... today i had to get it from the box as the other babies were out and it look like it was trying to get out...when i got it out that's when i realized it had a deformed leg..i've put into a cage inside the is eating and talking...the only problem it has is it's not able to get onto the perch by you think it will be able to get on a perch by itself eventually?

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my poor bird, what can i do?

in april our neo mastiff was hurt and required surgery and a great deal of our attention. I know for a fact that this is when Casper our Goffin Cockatoo started acting strange. We found him at a pet store about four years ago and don't know who owend him previously but i do know he won't eat any fruit or vegatables. he was trying to drink coffee and kraft dinner but we don't let him do that very often.

he use to be very close to my husband and would sit for hours on his shoulder and cuddle with him. since the dog's accident casper will have nothing to do with my husband and has bit him twice quite badly. he will come to me once in a while but not often and generally takes off in the cage.

he has also mutilated himself and won't stop. he keeps picking at his feathers under his wings and draws blood. he just doesn't seem very happy at all. is he lonely? do i need to get him a freind? i don't want to get him a freind and he's nasty with them too? any help would be appreciated.
thanks cheryl

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colorblind cockatiel

by sharon

pet store told me all parrot-family birds are colorblind.
then why does he only eat the red pellets?

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abscess on toe

My conure has an injured toe that seems to be collecting pus. Should I drain it? I've done this successfully with my cats. I'm cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and applying neosporin. Still it's really swollen and I can see the pus. He's otherwise fine and eating, drinking etc.

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