sick parrotlet needs to gain weight

by alexis
(maple ridge)

I own a green pacific parrotlet she is very ill it started out with a broken egg inside of her due to being to small we had her on anti biotics that we gave to her for a week in the morning and at night we also have had her in a aquarium set up as a bird hospital with nothing to climb on or perch on and a heat pad to keep her warm she always has fresh food water noodles eggs n veggies but we have stopped giving her veggies cause it can give her diarhea and make her lose more weight she also always has millet mineral block and calcium block and was gaining weight at first she was 20 grams then went up to 22grams and now she is down to 18 grams iv been taking her into different vets and been trying different things any advice???

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Jun 29, 2010
sick parrotlet needs to gain weight
by: Linda

First of all, settle on ONE AVIAN VET AND STAY WITH THEM FOR THE DURATION. There is NO value to moving from vet to vet, and the conflicting advice and/or meds can hurt your bird. So stick with the one you like the best and get your bird well.

As for feeding, get some organic, high quality pellets here from Tracie and start feeding this little bird something worth eating. The noodles/veggies are bereft of any useful vitamins especially after they are cooked. I recommend Harrisons as they use a cold extrusion method which leaves in all the vitamins and minerals, and you will not need to supplement any vitamins or minerals. The mineral blocks/cuttlebone is okay because lots of birds just like to play with them.

I'm attaching a link to help you in changing her over from seeds to pellets, and it is written by an Avian Vet. Keep feeding her whatever she has been eating until she's well, and add a few pellets to see if she likes them. Stop feeding the empty noodles all together and forever. You can offer her small bits of veggie/fruit if she will eat them, keyword being SMALL. Fruit and veggies should be NO MORE THAN 10-15% of an overal parrot diet, so this means only small amounts several times a week.

Also, make sure the tank you have her in is not too hot. Anything over 75 degrees F is too hot. I recommend you put her back into her cage and cover her cage with something lightweight to hold in the heat. You can sit the cage on the pad, and make sure she is not being overheated as this causes pneumonia just like being too cold.

Here is the link about the changeover, and remember to just add a few pellets in with her other foods for now until she is back on her feet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Keep us posted on her progress and please just take her to one doctor as you are hurting her by dragging her to several.


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