sick senegal parrot

by sarah

my parrot we have had as a rescue parrot that was abandoned 29 years ago, it could be quite old as it could have been caught in the wild, we just dont know. sHe has been fine for 29 years and today she is unbalanced and off her food, she is just on the floor, very wobbly and we cant get to an exotic bird specialist as he nearest is 100 miles away and we have severe floods in wales.

Just dont know what to do for poor Poll never seen her like this before. She is not weightbearing properly on her right leg/foot. Can anyone advise urgently please, very worried. Many thanks

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Jan 08, 2014
sick senegal
by: Alex

I am sorry to hear about your bird. The bird sounds to be elderly.

I am aware of the floods, as I live in London, and have seen the numerous news reports showing the flooding across England and Wales.

Due to the inaccessibility caused by the floods, I have to agree with Sandra in the comment below me.

Take the bird to any vet that is accessible.

If you do decide to euthanasia, as it would be the kindest thing, you can always get support and advice from us.

Some of us, including myself and Sandra, have had birds euthanised, so know how you will feel.

Let us know how things go, and remember, we are always here for you.

Jan 07, 2014
sick senegal parrot
by: Sandra D Singh

Sarah, from what I understand, your parrot was rescued and you've had her for 29 years. She could be quite old according to you because you don't know how old she was when you found her. She could be in her forties for all you know. (I had an Amazon that lived for over 38 years). I'm extremely sorry that you can't take her to an Avian Vet.
I've never done this myself and I really don't like advising anyone to do this but I've no choice today; my heart goes out to Poll and you. Are there "ANY" vets who are closer and accessible for you at this moment that you can take your bird to, and immediately? You've no choice, this is an emergency and your bird may die anyway so you'll have to try "ANY" vets. It doesn't matter whether dog, cat, horse whatever vets but try someone please Sarah.
I'm saying again if you can take her to "ANY" vet please do so immediately it may not help to save her life but it may help her to die peacefully and without pain (euthanasia) Please DO NOT let her suffer more than necessary.
I think from what you've said she may've suffered a stroke hence her body is off balanced. She doesn't eat, she's only on the floor and very wobbly. That's all the symptoms my Cockatiel had when she suffered a stroke and I had to have her euthanized.
I'm so sorry for your bird and I know the pain that you're going through at this time that I can't help the tears from flowing down my cheeks as I'm writing. The only thing that I can do for Poll is to pray and you'd both be in my prayers. Take care and God bless you both.

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