sick tiel

by Kristen
(Cobleskill NY )

I have a cockatiel that is a little over a year old. Starting 6 days ago she starting having major issues. I noticed her poop became a solid black. It has a tar consistency to it. She has stopped singing to me and now all she does is sleep and stay permafluffed. The only time she wakes up is when i pick her up to feed her...which i now have to do by syringe because she will not eat or drink by herself. She also threw up one time that i saw. She now sleeps at the bottom of her cage and her feet/beak appear pale to me. I took her to the vet two days ago and i must say i REALLY felt like the vet completely rushed through her examination and did not really care or even know anything about birds. He told me that the bird had bacteria in her crop and proscribed Baytril twice a day. Her condition has not even hinted towards improvement. In fact its just getting worse. Now when i hold her she just shuts her eyes and wants to sleep. I have made an appointment with an actual avian vet this friday. I wanted to ask some people who have great experience with birds their opinion and what type of things i should be asking the vet to do/consider/examine. If anyone can offer any advice or any ideas as to what her problem could be please let me know. Im not sure if she ate something but i think it may be some kind of bacterial infection. Any help is much appreciated.

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Apr 24, 2008
Cockatiel very sick
by: The Vet

This is a very serious condition your bird is in and he may not make it until Friday. If you can get him in sooner you should. Cal the hospital and tell them it is an emergency and that he needs to be seen immediately. He needs to be in an ICU cage with heat and oxygen. He should get some fluid therapy and be gavage fed. He should also be on antibiotics, but since Baytril was not helpful, a different one should be administered. SMZ-TMP is OK, but bacteria is not this bird’s only problem. If the feet and beak are pale, the he is probably anemic and this needs to addressed, potentially requiring a blood transfusion.

If he is able to handle it, then more diagnostics are going to be needed to determine what is causing this illness. More history would also be need to help with this determination.

Good luck and let me know what more I can do.

Dr B

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