sick with a lame foot

by Dan Gallagher
(Hamilton NJ. USA)

Our 3-4 yr. old female parakeet has been sick lately hanging around the bottom of the cage all puffed up.
We took to a local avian vet who claimed she had an infection and prescribed daily 0.05ml drop of medication. That was last week. The medication does not seem to be doing anything. At first, the bird seemed to be coming around and has since had a set back. In addition, she now has developed a lame foot, red in color, curled up with the nails turning black. Any suggestions?

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Nov 11, 2008
Parakeet sick with a lame foot
by: The Vet

Go back in for a follow up visit. When this happens it means that the antibiotics were not effective on that infection, the dose was too low, it was not given long enough, that bacteria was only a secondary problem and the primary problem is still there, or that there was not an infection and the primary problem has not been diagnoses or treated.

The foot problem could be poor circulation and may be because of a tumor in the abdomen or an egg in the abdomen (especially if it is the left foot). Please let me know what you find.

Dr B

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