Parrot crying

by Erika Joe Guzman
(San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines)

Why does my parrot keep on crying? I give him food and water that he eats and drinks but he still keeps on crying...

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not keeping water down

by Dane
(johannesburg south africa )

hi guys i have a ring neck an it was attacked by a puppy there was no serious damage to the bird as its moving about an reacting normaly but as i got it 2 drink water it dosnt hold it down what can i do to help the bird? it also has not ate much since yesterday an is sleeping alot i took it to the vet an they said it will be fine after giving it a shot of baytril 5%

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parrot twitching

by Ebony

Why is my parrot keep twitching

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Blind bird?

by Tonya

How can I tell if my male lovebird is blind?

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Health concern

My parakeet seems as if his beak is about to fall off. And he's bleeding from his beak as well. I'm afraid for him and at the current moment the vet is closed. Please help me!!

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my bird twitches alot

by Amy C

It is an Africangrey

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by sonia
(san diego california)

my cockatiel has the hicups what would be the cause of it

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bird stopped eating

by Eileen
(New Mexico)

My Indian ring-neck (20 years old) has stopped eating. Why and what can I do?

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parrots feet irritated

I have a quaker parrot and the pads of his feet are red and irritated. I have put olive oil on them and I have took everything out of his cage that is rough that might make them ittitated. What should I do?

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Parrot acting crazy, nervous

by Ginnymonths.

Hi I have a parrot that has been acting really crazy the last few He acts fidgety and nervous and has had watery diareah. Can you help?

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parrot disease

by anoop kumar verma

my parrot got sneezing then what medicine should be given

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Is my parrot sick?

by Mario
(Texas )

Her fecal matter is somewhat watery, her feathers are dirty, and her beak is dirty as well. Please help

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Kink in the neck?

by Christal Lawrence
(Toronto Canada)

I have a peach faced conure, and all of a sudden, one day it started holding its head to one side all the time, like a kink in its neck, why is my bird doing this? could this be something fatal for my bird?

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deformed leg

by jaime bowler
(n.s.w australia)

I have a 4-5wk old indian ring neck who's left leg is bent at a right angle from the knee up it gets around by putting pressure on the knee, its beck also doesn't quiet close together, it seems health otherwise

I'm hand rearing as the parents were desturbed by another bird and one chicked died and this one was abandonded,should I get a vet to amputat or just leave it be. Will the chick survive with these abdormalities. Thanku muchly if you could give me any advice.

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Broken Foot??

A few days ago i checked up on my yellow indian ringneck and found blood coming from his foot/feet im not sure how this hapened as i spend alot of time with him. I think something may have attacked him. i also think he has a broken foot maybe im not sure how to help him as i can see he is in pain.

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get crazy look in his eyes.

My lesser sulfur for the past few days has the look in his eyes when he is scared of something. There is nothing new or changed around him. He is yelling a bit more. Is he/she in heat? Ug. Thanks.

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vomiting water

by jade reynolds
(adelaide SA, australia)

not sure what is wrong, i have a 1yr old corella who used to talk until recently stpooed started vomiting water today buit not lethargic nd still eating. he is in an avery outside nd has been for 8 months now. its 35 degrees celcius here today so im not sure if the heat is causing it or not??
he used to let u hold him but even that has stopped over the last month or so

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breathing, not eating

by Zelda
(South africa)

my african grey has a heaving breathing for a long time now, but from saturday he does'nt want to eat and drink water, is there anything I can give him?

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health of bird

by anthony

Hi guys our long beaked corella is tired through the day and sleeping a lot any ideas, his appetite is still good and he is growing a lot of new feathers.

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birds growth on mouth

i have an oranged wing amazon parrot and i noticed today that it looks like he had something stuck in his mouth and i tried to get it out but it is attached to his mouth like a growth!!!! i have no clue what it could please?????

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odd sleeping flapping behavior

by Heidi
(Simpsonville, SC)

I have a green-cheeked conure. Whenever I turn off the light to let him go to sleep he rapidly flaps his wings and scurries around. Is this normal? I know it's time for him to go to sleep. He shows signs of being tired and had been awake for 10-14 hours depending on the day so I don't think I'm putting him to bed prematurely.

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bird has cold

by fatah

my parrots has cold what to do?

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sonnys flew into a fly trap

sonnys flew into a fly trap and got his wings all sticky. i' ve been crying and my husband told me that i am over reacting. am i? I'm worried:( should I go to a vet

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struggling to breath

by shay
(manchester, england)

my cockatiel looks like he is really having a hard time getting his breathe, allso he looks all puffed up, not fluffed up but puffed up. does anyone know why?????

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Licking the air?

by SueEllen
(Schwenksville Pa)

Hi... I have a turquoise green cheek conure who keeps leaving his beak open and he is kind of licking the air with his tongue.. why is he doing this?

Prolonged Feather Fluffing

by Carrie

My parakeet has her feathers fluffed and i know this is normal but she has been doing that for abouth 30 minutes to an hour and in the pamplet i got for parakeets it said to look out for prolonged feather fluffing (or something close to that) and i was wondering does that mean she has any health problems?

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broken conure foot/ leg

my conure fell on his foot and he is limping and barely putting weight on it. i think it might be broken what do i do

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inury to bird


my 3 year old african grey was siiting on a half open door when my son accidently closed the door. the parrot screamed aloud when i opened the door i saw that both his feett were badly injured and his toe was he is unable to stand ? WHAT TO DO ??? i love him too much to loose him ? help !!!!!!!!!!!!

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standing on one leg

by zeynab

my baby alexanderine is standing on one leg. is it broken?

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Bird with blind eye

by Caroline

I have a peach face bird who gone blind in one eye she is 11 years old I was wondering if there is anything to do with the bird with a blind eye.

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one month old parrot cant walk

by Atish

So my bird is one month old, its not a parrot bit its a different type however looks like a grown parrot, and it has trouble walking, is this normal for a one month old baby?


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Deaf Parrot

by Tina Russell
(Missouri, USA)

Are there any signs when a parrot is going deaf? Mine used to talk a lot but now all he does is piercing shrieks and screams. Nothing has changed in his environment that I am aware of. The shrieks are so shrill I will go deaf soon I fear. It hurts my ears bad. He may say Hello or What every now and then but that is about it.

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My parakeet just puked

by Abdul Khalik
(Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India)

my parakeet just puked. Is it that hes not well or something is bothering him?

dark feathers

blue crown conures feathers turning dark

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parrotlet toes bitten off

my hen parrotlet bit two toes off my male parrotlet on his left foot.will he have trouble perching etc.?

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I got a bird from a guy we knew and we put him with our cockatiel... next thing you know he's on the bottom of the cage hopping and he can't really move that well he's weak .. his feathers are puffed up in the back what could be wrong?

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parrot's injury

by sameera

my green parrot got hurt by pet cat n lost its one injury is still there .can you plz tell me will it recover n will survive?

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my new parrot is acting strange

its time for my sun conure to go to bed but he is sitting up in the top corner of his cage and its kindof worrying me. He is about 1 year old and we got him around 2:45ish this afternoon

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by Maggie

My male parakeet is trembling and has stool hanging from him and it wont drop. Does that mean he is constipated? If so, what should I do?

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losing of hairs on head

by Niharika Wankhede

my parrot is loosing his hairs on the top and there are many white small feathers around his cage and he is losing feathers also but he is fine there is no problem with him he remains normal

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sickness of my bird

by salman chauhan
(pakistan lahore)

i have a yellow ring neck parrot from last some days he is not eating anything and getting week day by day even he cant speak much...his physical condition is very weak m so much worried about him...kindly tell me what should i do as soon as possible...he remains sleepy most of the time

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shivering bird

by Kaitlyn Peery

Hello! I recently brought home a Turquoise/Cinnamon mutation Green Cheeked Conure. I went to retrieve him from his cage, and he was shivering, much like a person would do if they were chilled. What should I do?

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bird shaking

by Heather M
(California )

My green cheeked conure is shaking I am not sure if she is scared or cold. her tail feathers are pointing down too.

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poop cluster on the bottom

by Emma

my parakeet has a cluster of poop on the botoom of her body

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My Eclectus Female seems to be shivering when we go to her cage first thing in the morning. The room temperature is 26 - 32 degrees celsius so I don't feel it could be from the cold.

She seems happy to go to her cage at bedtime so I don't think its fear. She gets 12 hours sleep overnight and a 2-3 hour nap in the day and is happy to hang out with me or on her play gym during the day. She talks and eats well and otherwise seems quite happy and cheeky. Can someone help me to understand what this shivering might be telling me??

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Crooked, painful flight feathers

by Zoë

My Senegal parrot is going through his first molt, but his left wing seems to be bothering him a lot. His wings were already clipped when I purchased him ( we was 6 months old or so), so I have never seen him with flight feathers, so i don't know how they should be looking. He has never shown any signs of feather plucking, but he keeps ripping out all the flight feathers on the left wing because they seem to be hurting him.

He will hold his wing strangely and make pained squawking noises if he bumps it or something. Are the feathers simply growing in crooked, or is his wing hurt in some way? How can I help him?

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yellowish liquid in my birds mouth

by Kameron
(Ogden, Utah, United states)

hi my bird (green Quaker Parrot) has been acting weird the past few weeks. she bends her legs and moves here butt/tail side to side doing some weird soft squeak with her mouth slightly open and a yellowish liquid pooling in her mouth. i have seen her do this before but not as often as she has been. any information would be much appreciated!

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