Sickness - urgent!

* urgent * Hello, I have had my parotlet for many years now. He has recently showed weakness, so weak that he could not climb to his food or water. He also has heavy breathing and seems to be rocking back and forth a bit with the tail feathers hanging a bit. He has a bald spot on his back that seems to be a bit red.

We are have moved him to a travel cage tonight so we can put a warming bottle under the cage and surround it with pillows etc. to prevent drafts from reaching the bird. We are keeping him with us on the couch so he has attention. This started maybe a week ago, not positive. We also moved the food and water on the bottom of the travel cage so he can reach it and he seems to be eating/drinking more.

We are not sure what else to do and what type if sickness he has? Are there supplements out there to give him? We can not afford to go to a vet.
Please respond quickly, your answer is much appreciated. I am very scared for him...

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Feb 04, 2012
Sick parrotlet
by: Anonymous

These are syptoms of a very ill bird!!! You should always have a vet fund in case things like this are to ever happen! Your bird is likely suffering.. He needs vet treatment asap! In the wild birds hide their illnesses to prevent them from being killed by their flock.. Yes their flock will kill them.. Because they pose as an easy target for predators. Therefore when they actually start showing signs such as the ones you described.. They are so ill they cannot hide it and the longer you wait, the quicker his end will come. Please be considerate to your birds feelings that he is feeling like garbage as they have feelings too. They feel sadness, happiness, jelousy and even pain. At least gather enough for the office call, and most vets will put together a treatment plan to help you see any additional costs before doing the treatment. Just so you know your options. I wish you and your birdie the best!!

Feb 03, 2012
Sick bird needs avian vet
by: Tracie

There really isn't anything over the counter that treats illness, especially since you don't know what is wrong. Most birds with the symptoms you describe are on a seed diet. If your bird is not eating high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush then it may have fatty liver disease.

Stuff sold in pet stores, especially vitamins to put in water, often make birds ill and would probably kill your bird if it's liver is failing.

If you won't Find an Avian Vet to treat your bird, then what you are doing is best. If your bird recovers, then work on switching your bird to a high quality diet and start a savings account so you can take your bird to an avian vet. Most vets take payments, by the way.

I hope your bird gets better.

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