Sierra and Santana, Senegal Parrots

by Pat
(Orrville, Ohio)

Surfing the web

Surfing the web

Sierra and Santana are 6 year old sisters. They are African Senegal parrots. Sierra likes me better than Santana. Santana likes my husband.

I had to board them recently because we went on vacation. After 4 days at the vet, Santana is now my friend. Santana is very controlling. She won't let Sierra eat from her dish but she goes over to Sierra's dish and helps herself. She also sleeps as high up as possible in order to be over Sierra.

They can both say "pretty girl". We've only had them about 6 months, hopefully we can teach them more words.

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May 26, 2013
by: dori

I have a 4 year old african senegal he talks a lot he tells me "meme go to town get me pizza" he calls me meme and pupu is my husband he sings sammie loves meme yes i do yes sirree,when i brush my teeth he saya shoowee meme go peepee he say's alot more but i don't have room to tell all we love sammie very much

Sep 04, 2007
Pretty Girl
by: Nic

The girls learned how to say "pretty girl" after seeing a picture of me. (haha)

Sep 04, 2007
by: Schanel

Well since you are retired I guess that gives you an excuse to put so much time into Sierra and Santana, LOL. However, please don't go overboard and will them your belongings, etc...LOL! Love ya!

Sep 03, 2007
Watch these two......
by: Vickie

These parrots are soooo cute!! I can not believe they now have thier own web page...
(I just read about the woman who left her dog 12 mil...if I was one of the kids, I'ld be worried about these two birds- if they serf the web- who knows?? They may get control of the bank accounts, too, learn the passwords, and escape to Africa... with all the cash!!!!!!!!!

Sep 03, 2007
by: sprgray

Pat, I'm really getting concerned for you...

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