Silent Galah

by Omar

Hi, i recently adopted a 4 year old galah who. Makes no noise at all! I have not heard a singlesound from him and i have had him for about a month now. I have no background on him prior to when i adopted him as apparently his owner just abandoned him.

He lets me scratch him now and he is getting a little more comfy but still no sound whatsoever. I have another galah who is very talkative and amusing who stays in another cage right next to his although they are both open for about 8 hours a day. They are getting to know each other pretty well now, in the beginning my 1st galah would beak him constantly but now there is no more beaking so it things are going well, my ultimate goal is to have them breed but i am taking it slowly.

Any advice on his lack of sound?

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May 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the reply Tracie, ill try and look for an avian vet... Although his health seems fine as he eats well, his bowels are fine and he moves around and flies a lot.

May 22, 2012
Silent Bird
by: Tracie

It is not normal for a bird to not make any noise at all. It is likely that the bird is ill or has a disease.

Here in the USA most people believe that birds should be seen by an avian vet before bringing them home. This prevents us from bringing home a disease or illness that might kill the rest of the flock or even infect our families.

Because Dr B can not tell if your bird is sick without a physical examination and probably running tests, you need to try to Find an Avian Vet in your country if you can. I suggest you call a really good breeder and ask who they take their birds to.

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