silent indian ringneck

by maria

I have had my indian ringneck for two months now,he is two or three years old,i got him from a breeder so i dont really know his past.He is slowly getting used to me but doent come near me,he has not uttered one sound since ive had him,not even a squeek,what is wrong with him?

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Sep 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thankyou,i am going to take him to the avian vet,just to make sure he is ok,but im just amazed he doesnt even squark when he is scared.

Sep 07, 2012
Silent Indian Ringneck
by: Anonymous

Not all birds are talkers, or noisy. Some birds never shut up. lol

Doesn't ness. mean there's anything wrong with the bird, just means you may have gotten a quiet bird.

I would first start off by taking your bird to an avian vet. Get her examined. Make sure she is healthy. If she's healthly then she's just a quiet bird.

My congo african grey discovered at 6 months that she could talk, and hasn't shut up since. Runs her beak for hours and hours a day. She doesnt care if someone new comes in the house or not... she's got to talk non-stop.

Just because you buy a bird for it's talking abilities, there's never a garrantee they will want to talk. And that's okay.

I'd like to just throw this out there too, bc most people dont realize this.
Birds need 10-14 hours of sleep PER night. In a dark quiet room. If your bird isnt getting proper amounts of sleep, they will tend to be quiet the following day. Even nap. Please be sure your bird has a dark quiet place to roost for a good 10-14 hrs. My birds go to bed at 8pm, and are up at 7am talking.

Try giving her more sleep time. See if that helps. And visit an avian vet for a wellness exam.

Good luck.

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