Silicone Baker - Is is safe

by Micaela
(Houston, Texas)

Is silicone bakerware safe to use around birds?

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Aug 05, 2009
Silicone or Teflon?
by: Linda

Basically, I think you may mean Teflon coated cooking utensils. If you mean silicone, the same holds true.

The danger from these utensils is if they are left to burn. When Teflon is left unattended and starts to burn either on purpose or by accident, the fumes coming off it will almost immediately kill any birds. So, it is okay to use teflon, just be very careful to not leave it unattended even for a moment while in use. Also always use something like Pam spray to keep food from sticking and burning. ALWAYS USE PAM OUTSIDE BECAUSE ANY PRESSURIZED CANS RELEASE FLUOROCARBONS INTO THE AIR AND WILL KILL BIRDS. So use the pam outside on the pan and then come back into the house. Use any pressurized cans the same way whether it is Pam or hairspray.

Silicone and teflon are safe if used properly and never left to burn like on the stove or in too hot an oven. Once the coatings start to burn, it is too late.

Your question is a very good one, and thank you for asking it!


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