sits in the same place all day mostly with his eyes shut

by sophie todd

my parrot has gone quiet still talks but not as much and he's not as lively. he tends to sit on his perch in the corner off his cage with his eyes shut quiet alot, just seems very tired is there something wrong

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Feb 15, 2010
Take him the an avian vet now!
by: Christina

Hello, how are you going? My name is Christina and I am a reader of this website. Recently my bird has this exact same problem, I took my time taking him to the vet because I thought it was nothing serious, and less than one week later he was gone. I have since found out off the vet and from reading online about sick birds, that when a bird is sick they try to hide it from everyone. The reason they try to hide it is because in the wild if a bird looks sick, the rest of the birds in its group will bite and and pick on it to drive it out of the group, so that its sick state won't attract predators to the whole group which would get them all killed. The sick bird does not act like this because it wants to -it is instinct that makes them do it, every bird in the world will try to hide it if they get sick. Because in thewild, once a bird is driven out of its group by the other birds, it will die, and the birds know that, so they try to act they like they are just sleeping and not sick. So a sick bird will try to hide the fact that its sick by sitting still a lot with its eyes closed and its feathers fluffed up so that nobody will know that it is sick. It just looks like it is resting but it's not. Birds are not meant to be in that position all day. By the time you notice that a bird is sick, it has already been sick for a few weeks, and you need to act immediately by taking it to an avain vet. Make sure it is an avian vet (which means bird vet) because normal vets know a bit about birds but they don't know as much as avain vets do. If you act now, you could save your birds life

Feb 14, 2010
sits in the same place all day mostly with his eyes shut
by: Linda

Yes, there is something wrong. Your bird is very sick and will need to be taken to an Avian Vet in your area for diagnosis and treatment. It sounds as if he has a bacterial infection, and this will not go away, and your bird will not get better, until you take him into see an Avian Vet.

Do not give any over the counter medicines, including those found in pet stores. Do not give any home remedies either as these will make things worse. Bacterial infections have to be diagnosed as to what type of bacteria it is and then proper medicines for that type of bacteria have to be given to your bird, and the Avian Vet has to write the prescription.

Your bird will not get well, and will get worse and worse until you take him to a bird doctor and have him treated.

Thanks for writing,

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