six week old irn parrot

Hi have a six week old irn, after a feed he always makes moaning/squealin noises is this normal also when should i start weaning him off formula.

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Oct 06, 2011
six week old irn parrot
by: Linda

Your bird will not be ready for the weaning process to begin before he's 12 weeks old. The weaning is a process, and you will continue to handfeed the baby during the process. I recommend you do some searching on the internet to find breeders of these birds and read about weaning and how they do it.

One word of caution, do not wean onto seeds, and do get some organic pellets like Harrison's that are found here. The reason for this is all seed diets are very poor diets and birds who are only eating seeds are unhealthy birds. The organic pellets are high quality nutrition, and start your baby off right so it can start out healthy and remain that way once it's feeding itself.

The pellets will need to be moist but not wet when you begin the weaning process. In other words, add only enough fresh, clean filtered water to get them moist not soaking wet. Also you'll have to change this or any other wet or moist food every two hours as moist/wet food goes rancid, and it can go faster if you are in a hot climate.

Right now, you need to keep doing what you're doing as he is about 6 weeks away from even beginning the weaning process. Wean him onto a high quality diet which should be 80-85% organic pellets and only 10-15% organic fruit/veggies. While he is weaning, keep the ratio of fruit/veggie way down and have mostly pellets. It's okay to offer a bit of fruit or veggie each day to get him used to eating his veggies.

Let us know how it's going and thanks for writing,

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