size of eclectus parrot

i have just acquired an eclectus parrot.the breeder emphasized that it is the large sub-species of the grand there any such thing as a large sub-species of a grand parrot?

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Feb 25, 2011
no the grand
by: Anonymous

is not the largest. Nor is the grand a 'species'. It is a sub species. Eclectus is a species.
Eclectus roratus roratus
Grand Eclectus
Ceram Eclectus, from central & southern Maluku, including Buru & Ceram Islands.
Average length is approx 35cm.
Wing span 225 - 242mm

Feb 24, 2011
yes & no
by: Anonymous

There is a sub species called the grand eclectus. However this sub species is not the largest, it is the average size at 30-35cm long.

The largest sub species is the Macgillivrayi eclectus at about 40-45cm. It is commonly known as the Australian Red Sided eclectus. It is an Australian sub species, is readily available in Australia but extremely expensive to acquire. It is also the least hardy of all sub species.

The most common sub species are the solomon island eclectus & the red sided eclectus (also known as the new guinea eclectus.
Then you get the Vos which is increasing in popularity & availability, then other sub species include the grand, Aru, biak, tanimbar island, sumba island, westermans. All sub species of the eclectus parrot.

My eclectus parrot is a solomon island.

GOOGLE 'eclectus parrots' & get all the information you can about them, there is a LOT to know about them. There are some wonderful sites out there that dedicate their knowledge to only the eclectus parrot species. These sites do not boast they know better than any other site, all they do is specialise in the eclectus parrot & not 'parrots' as an over all. Many of them have eclectus parrot members & breeders, inexperienced & experienced owners who can offer additional information based on their knowledge, their own first hand experiences over the years & their own eclectus veterinarians advise.

Good luck

Feb 24, 2011
size of eclectus parrot
by: Linda

There is just one Grand Eclectus. If you do a search on the internet, you may find out more information about sub-species, but this is what I found. The Grand is larger than the other species.


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