size of my conure

by steven nevin

how big will my sun conure grow and the owners before me mistreated him and he plucked his feathers out ive had him a year now and he comes to me for a scratch on his head will he ever be able to trust people or will his past be stuck in his head

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Mar 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

He is full grown although he looks like he could stand to gain a few pounds. He should be eating
Harrisons pellets or at least an organic pellet which might help with the plucking as well. I would also try pluck no more in his water and also as a mister. With a lot of patience and love he will come around. Try reading the parrot training article on the bar to the left of this page. I think Conure's are always a little nippy at least mine are but they have a great personality. Read everything you can on parrot training.

Mar 07, 2009
wrong name
by: steven nevin

sorry he aint a sun conure he is a Maroon Bellied Conure

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