Size question on yellow napped macaw

by Terri

I've been trying to do some research about the yellow napped macaw. I know they list them as a macaw but my bird is not that big. She's about 15 inches from her head to tip of tail and what I'd like to know is when I'm trying to buy things for her like food do I go with the actual macaw food or a smaller breed of bird like a cockatiel?

In a previous question I mentioned that my bird doesn't like whole dried corn nor does she like the brisket food that comes with the mix. So I'm looking for the right size of food to get her.

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Aug 17, 2015
Feeding a Yellow collared/nape macaw
by: Tracie

Food is determined by species, beak size, and by how they eat their food. If a bird picks up their food with their foot, then the food should be the proper size for this, if they prefer to eat by picking the food up with their beak, then you provide smaller food.

Your bird would eat Harrison's High Potency Course for 70 -80% of it's diet and the rest would be high quality treats, for instance. Because macaws typically pick up their food to eat it. This doesn't mean you can't feed smaller pellets though.

Here are the links to high quality pellets:
Harrison's or Roudybush

Here is a link to our Parrot Training page that has other health and training articles.

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