Skin Mutilation

(Alberta, Canada)

Hello, I have been to every avian vet recommended, and some who weren't. I have had thousands of dollars in tests done, which the vets concluded are all neglative.

After 12 1/2 years of what appeared to be good health, my parrot (Goffin's Cockatoo Male) began self-mutilation, extreme initially meaning over 50% of the skin was removed from his body, now 2 years later we enjoy 3-4 months of calm before 1" sized pieces of skin are removed. He behaves as if he is extremely itchy most of the time.

My question is specifically regarding the CBC test results (for each line it is 'test, test results from 06/29/07, test results from 07/23/09:

Glucose 13.50, 16.50
Calcium 2.44, 2.33
Total Protein 32.00, 35.00
Albumin 13.80,17.00
ALT 53.00, 13.00
AST 388.30, 252.00
CK (Creatine)858.00, 199.00
Bile Acids 25.50, 41.30
Uric Acid 858.00, 615.00
White Cell Count 4.40, 4.60
Manual PCV 40.00, 50.00
Neutrophils 1.28, 0.00
Heterophils n/a, 3.50
Lymphocytes 2.29, 1.01
Monocytes 0.79, 0.09
Eosiphils 0.04, 0.00

I was advised by the vets that these test results are all fine as they are within range (which they all do not appear to be), but as you can see there have been what appear to be dramatic changes. How would you interpret these results?

Any direction you can provide would be appreciated.

Thank you, Goffin's Owner

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Aug 01, 2009
Goffin's skin mutilation
by: The Vet

I would need the normal ranges from the lab that these results were acquired from. These raw numbers cannot be interpreted without the normal values for comparison.

Goffin?s are a common species that self mutilate. Many times it is a medical condition, sometimes it is behavioral. Yours may be a combination of both.

Have you had your bird tested for lead and zinc? Have you had x-rays done.

Dr B

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