Skin Mutilation

by Goffin's Owner
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Hello Dr. B,

Thank you for your reply. I am in the process of having heavy metals tested, but x-rays have never been proposed? what would I be looking for in an x-ray?

Per your request, the normal ranges for the tests were:

Glucose (mmol/L normal range 9.7-19), test 06/29/07 13.50, test 07/23/09 16.50

Calcium (mmol/L normal range 2.1-3.4) test 06/29/07 2.44, test 07/23/09 2.33

Total Protein (g/L 28-48, test 06/29/07 32.00, test 07/23/09 35.00

Albumin (g/L normal range 14-28), test 06/29/07 13.80, test 07/23/09 17.00

ALT (sgpt IU/L normal range 14-28), test 06/29/07 53.00, test 07/23/09 13.00

AST (sgot IU/L normal range 230-550), test 06/29/07 388.30, test 07/23/09 252.00

CK (Creatine IU/L normal range 140-475), test 06/29/07 858.00, test 07/23/09 199.00

Bile Acids (umo/L normal range 34-112), test 06/29/07 25.50, test 07/23/09 41.30

Uric Acid (umo/L normal range 180-800), test 06/29/07 858.00, test 07/23/09 615.00

White Cell Count (x10E9/L normal range 4.5-16), test 06/29/07 4.40, test 07/23/09 4.60

Manual PCV (L/L normal range 40-55), test 06/29/07 40.00, test 07/23/09 50.00

Neutrophils (x10E9/L normal range 0.8-11.6), test 06/29/07 1.28, test 07/23/09 0.00

Heterophils (x10E9/L normal range 0.8-11), test 06/29/07 n/a, test 07/23/09 3.50

Lymphocytes (x10E9/L normal range 0.6-11), test 06/29/07 2.29, test 07/23/09 1.01

Monocytes (x10E9/L normal range 0-0.5), test 06/29/07 0.79, test 07/23/09 0.09

Eosiphils (x10E9/L normal range 0-0.16), test 06/29/07 0.04, test 07/23/09 0.00

Please go on the assumption that it is not behavioral, as I have been with this parrot 14 years, and I 'know' there is something wrong, whether I am doing something wrong, or something is medically wrong. For the first year of this, the vet's assumed it was behavioral and considered nothing else (and we saw no improvement - he was on Prozac/etc), but I have had success in controlling it with diet, which does not make sense if it is behavioral.

Thank you, Goffin's owner

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Aug 07, 2009
Goffin's test results
by: The Vet

I do not see any values that are outside of normal. The CK on 6/29 was elevated, but came back down on 07/23. This could be associated with an incidence of mutilation on that day, or may be related to stress.

X-rays can give lots of information. It can tell you if there is metal in the GI tract, can tell you if the liver is enlarged, if the kidney are enlarged, if there are other foreign bodies on the GI tract.

If this were my case I would do a pancreatic panel, take some x-rays, do a cloacal culture, and do a skin biopsy.

Dr B

Aug 05, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, I'm glad you and Dr. B have a dialogue going on this. I did not answer before because this is a real mystery, and I did not having anything constructive to say.

I am keeping your test results as it is very interesting and valuable.

Please keep us posted on how things are going with bird because this is the mystery of the week, month, year!

Also, welcome to the site where we do what we can to support each other, and your case is one I've just never heard of in all my years of working with birds.


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