Skittles and Mango

by Kieley
(Chicago IL.)

I got my two peach faced love birds for my birthday in may 2010, they were  then four months old.  The guy we got them from told us that they spent at least two hours a day hand raising them and that they were the last of six.  I couldn't stand to be the one to seperate them so I got them both.  

When I got them home I quickly learned that these birds had not had half as much hand time as I was told skittles was vicious and drew blood from any one who got close enough to her and mango was absolutely terrifien of people all together. With ALOT of work and bitten fingers both of my birds finally enjoyed human contact and would sit by the cage door waiting to get out.  

Sadly I had to leave for a week long horse show and the people that had watched our previous love bird ( that landed on my shoulder at a party and was the sweetest bird I have ever met) voluntered to watch them again but after about three days they started to bite again and the people quit handling them, so when I got back they were biting again but after about two days with me they were back to no biting and just cuddling.  

For people looking at lovebirds as a possible pet I recomend only getting one if you have plenty of time to be with them  if they dint get enough attention they become very violent and although they are teeny they pack a gigantic punch.  If this is your first bird I suggest getting only one and that it should be hand raised not parent raised.  It has been my experience that the peach faced birds are a little more aggressive but if they are given the propper care and affection they are very loving pets   

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Aug 01, 2010
Skittles and Mango
by: Linda

Great story and great advice. I've hand fed these and other little Lovebird characters in the past, and they will draw blood as babies being syringe fed! If I was late in getting Lovebird's formula to them, they ALL bit me as I went to pick one of them up to feed. I had about 40 baby birds, of different species, to feed two to three times a day plus run a store, so I was ALWAYS late and ALWAYS dreaded all my little LoveBird Monsters. Funny name for such mouthy little birds, don't you think?

You are doing very good with them, and they can be very sweet little things once you know them well and give them what they want when they want it.They also do well with some gentle, but firm basic manners training.

Thanks a bunch for writing, and we're always here if you have any questions in future.


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