Skooter's Story - Senagal Parrot

by Danielle
(Torrance, CA)

Skooter a few months old

Skooter a few months old

I first saw Skooter as a pin-feathered baby... adorable. He would make this tiny, little noise and look up at me. I fell in love instantly and so I visited him everyday for about two months until he finally could eat on his own and I could take him home (he took his time learning how to wean).

He is nine months old now and is very affectionate; he loves giving kisses and getting scratched on the head. He is a handful at times (throwing things on the floor constantly).. but well-worth it.

Oh, I ended up naming him "Skooter" because as a baby he would scoot/walk backwards more than he would walk forwards. Quite cute.

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Aug 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

Your bird is absolutely beautiful. After months of research and planning Im about to give a home to my first parrot - a Senegal. Already built a bit of a relationship with my little fella at the breeders over the past few weeks. So excited to welcome a new best friend for life into my home. Senegals are just the most beautiful birds to me in terms of character and personality. Im so proud to be about to own and care for one.

Dec 18, 2010
15 years of no petting
by: Anonymous

i have had my senagal for fifteen years thought it was a male but she laid a egg on me ,also i could not pick her up with out a glove on ,Now i just pick her up with my bare hand she cuddles with me and kisses me lets me pet her head cover her up and play games like putting a napkin and play like hide and seek after fifteen years it is awsome she is like my best friend

Apr 24, 2010
... whoops typo
by: Danielle

So... I'm the author of this story; I stumbled upon Skooter's story recently online and found that when I published this story I spelled "Senegal" incorrectly. Just wanted to let y'all know that after two years I now know how to spell "Senegal" right.. hehe ;-)

Skooter is doing great; he is turning three next month. He has developed quite the personality and loves to roll on his back and play with his feet.

Parrothood is great.

Sep 29, 2008
Gi Gi is the birds name
by: Anonymous

I've had my bird for 3 weeks she was weened before I took her home. I visited for around a month in a half while she was being hand feed this is the best. She likes to kiss says alot of different noise still not much of a volcabulary yet.

Jul 01, 2008
beautiful baby
by: Anonymous

He's absolutely beautifull. I have a senegal of my own and I remember when he was a baby he had those same dark baby eyes, now they're changed to yellow but they look so cute when they're young. congratulations on such a beautiful senegal.

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