Sky my english budgie and tucker who will always be in my MEMORIES (RIP)

by Lindy
(New Jersey)

I have a parakeet name sky. i named her that becase of her baby blue color. I got her because my parakeet Tucker was attacked by cat in the middle of the night when my i actidentally didnt put him back in his cage. I cried for days for my dumb mistake. he was very dear to my heart. he was very tame and love me and nobody else. he would sit on my laptop when i was on the computer. he was my favorite friend and now i hate cats, but am a bird lover for life and am soon getting an african grey parrot. He will always be in my heart. Im srry Tucker. you were the best bird ever.

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Nov 12, 2010
Sky my english budgie and tucker who will always be in my MEMORIES (RIP)
by: Linda

Yes, as the previous writer says, respect, love and protect ALL animals, birds, reptiles because they all deserve to have quality lives.

As was said, we have all made mistakes that have cost our pets dearly, and there is forgiveness for that ONLY if you put love in your heart for all creatures great and small.

When one has cats, dogs and parrots, there is a delicate balance, and birds can never be left alone, out of cage with cats or dogs around as both will do what their natures dictate and birds will be hurt.

I am very sorry you had to learn such a harsh lesson as it sounds as if you loved your little Tucker very much. You are wiser for your mistake, and I wish you the best of everything.


Nov 09, 2010
Your fault, but you hate the cat?????
by: Anonymous

We have all done things that we lived to regret, and it's too bad, and so sad, that your bird paid the ultimate price with your actions. But to now hate cats because of what YOU did is crazy!!! The cat was just being a cat, and it's your job to protect the animals in your care, not the cat's job to ignore it's natural instincts. Think about what you are saying, and be fair and protective of all animals, not just the ones you deem valuable or worth love.

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