sleeping a lot & molting

by Terri

I've now had Charlie, my female yellow napped macaw, for 1 month and we're still getting use to each other.

My question is about sleeping. I read the article about sleep and molting so it answers that question, but my question is about Charlie's sleeping position. When she goes to sleep her head starts hanging down lower & lower. Soon her head is below the perch so she's in an inverted U shape. Only once did she fall off her perch before she woke up. Nothing was moving about her and there was no unusual or loud noises.

Is her inverted U sleeping habit normal? I was thinking of getting a box with some straw in it...sort of like a nesting box. She's had 2 eggs before and she's not with a male. Would this box cause her to lay more eggs?

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Aug 10, 2015
Strange sleeping behavior
by: Tracie

Yes, having a nest box could encourage egg laying. If your bird has fallen off the perch when sleeping, this is cause for concern. I have not heard of a bird sleeping in this position either.

Please find an avian vet for your bird, so it can be examined. Birds should have a well exam once a year anyway, and if your bird didn't see an avian vet before you brought it home, then your breeder may not have healthy birds. (A good breeder will take their birds to an avian vet.)

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