Sleeping cage

by Stacy

We are bringing our Blue Crown Conure home this weekend and I am trying to have everything ready. I am getting his sleeping cage together and was wondering besides a tent, a couple of perching choices, food and water, what else should go in there? Should I put toys in? Any ides?
Thanks, Stacy

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Aug 27, 2008
Sleeping cage ideas
by: Tracie

We put a couple of toys in our cages, but that is because they wake up before we do and it gives them something to do. :-) We set it up like a regular cage with the exception of the toys.

I am excited for you! Blue Crowned Conures are smart, fun, goofy and usually sweet when they get tired and will let you cuddle.

Did you know that they are loud too? Our BC did everything at the top of his lungs. He didn't scream for no reason, he just played loud and talked loud.

I am not saying all BC's are loud, just be warned they can be loud.

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