sleeping noises

by Roy Hickman
(Norwalk Ca.)

I have a green cheeked amazon,or nicknamed red headed mexican. Do they sometimes make a sleeping sound?I have taken him to a vet.2times.He has given me antibotics,and nasal drops for him.He seems to be very healthy,and happy.And I am beginning to think these are just sounds he is making.Feed back please

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Apr 18, 2009
sleeping noises
by: Rose

We also have a red headed mexican, It started about 3 yrs ago with the noises,it wasn't all the time,was treated with antibotics. Was O.k. and this last 3 months he started up again,all day and night. Took him to a vet. WAs put on medicine,he then started to vomet everytime he eat his seeds. HE has been on 6 different antibotics. Been to two vets. one an expert on aviarian. The medicine she gave us same problem , vomiteded. 4 days later we took him off of the medicine and only gave him axianX booster and only fruit and veg. He is now putting back his weight. The avian vet.took blood samples,X-Rays culture and never found anything wrong with him. Its cost us over 1,000.00 to find out their is still nothing wrong. Hope this will help you. I haven't heard of any other person with this problem and I have checked all the web sites and magazines. Thank You Rose Marie

Jun 03, 2008
Amazon sleep noises
by: The Vet

It is not common for them to make sounds only when they sleep. I recently saw a Mexican Red-headed Amazon that was deemed healthy by another veterinarian, but the owner thought something was wrong, so she brought it to me and I discovered it had a life-threatening sinus infection and he is in my hospital now being treated. I am not suggesting that your bird is that sick or even sick at all; however, most noises occurring during breathing are abnormal and should be thoroughly investigated. Can you video the sounds?

Dr B

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