Sleepy Birdy

by Sara
(Grand Forks, MN)

I have had my green cheek conure, named Kona for about a year now. He was born on 4/1/2014. Within the past week or so he has gotten much more cuddly than normal and just loves to cuddle and be held. During the day he hasn't been making very many sounds at all other than the beak grinding that he normally makes at night before sleep.

He seems to be very sleepy and not as playful. He is puffed up alot. Other than that he has been eating and drinking just fine, not sneezing, or anything out of the ordinary. He has these deep blue feathers that have been growing in underneath which I am assuming are the ones that were clipped when I first got him.

I am wondering if my bird might be potentially sick or maybe going through a molt which I am not sure how to tell if he is? Or maybe he has just gotten a lot more content? I'd like to know your thoughts. Thanks!

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May 09, 2015
Bird sleeping and quiet
by: Tracie

It is impossible to tell over the Internet, but I appreciate your concern. Birds do often quiet down when they are going through a molt, and your bird could be molting.

You know a bird is molting because there are little and big feathers everywhere on your floor, and often you see the pin feathers on your bird too. Pin feathers look like little spikes, because the feathers are covered in a protective coating while they are still forming and filled with blood.

If you don't think the bird is molting, and this continues, then take your bird to an avian vet for an examination.

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