Sleepy Scaly lorikeet

I have a mustard scaly lorikeet approximately 3 months old and compared to the blue breasted which is two weeks younger, the scaly sleeps a lot. He quite often snuggles up to me and dozes off.

Recently he's been crying a bit more but I think that's because the other baby bird does it a lot so he thinks he needs to do it for attention. His appetite is normal. Poos seem normal (for a lorikeet!).

Yesterday I noticed that he was on the floor of the cage and started sleeping down there instead of his perches. Should I be concerned about that or just be double vigilant that the bottom is clean so he doesn't sit on his poos?

He seems to be slowly putting on weight compared to the other bird and both have been wormed recently.

Again is there any weight range I can use to make sure he's progressing well? This is the first lory I've owned and am enjoying the experience, they're lovely birds. :)

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Feb 27, 2012
Additional info.......
by: Michelle

Many thanks for the reply there Tracie, I should have put a bit more detail in!

The birds are housed in roomy cages, plenty of toys and they have a grate at the bottom with newspaper which is replaced on a daily basis. I also daily wipe the perches if needed and the grates. Every week the cages have a really thorough clean inside and out.

They are fed wet formula twice a day which was given to us by the breeder, they still love it and they have access to the Avione dry rearing and conditioning nectar powder which is replaced daily. The water is also replaced daily, more often if they have dirtied it.

They love the water and usually have a bathe daily in the morning. I don't like them to get wet in the evening in case they don't dry out by the time it's bed time.

They also get plenty of out of cage time and have access to toys which they enjoy playing with. The Blue breasted lory is very curious and runs around like a maniac, he's a real clown and amuses everyone. The scaly is a little more reserved and prefers cuddles and head scratches. His personality is absolutely adorable.

I live in Australia by the way too. I found your site via Google. :)

I'll get the scaly looked at by a vet sometime this week just to be sure. I have read that birds hide illness so I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Many thanks!


Feb 27, 2012
Lory sleepy and sleeping on bottom of cage
by: Tracie

You did not mention where you live or if these birds are kept in an outside aviary or inside your home.

If your birds are inside, then there is no need to worm them.

Dr B can not tell if your bird may be ill, and your bird is showing symptoms if illness. Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird soon.

You should keep your birds in a cage that has a grate that keeps the bird from sitting in their poop.

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