small conure has balding on back of neck-

by mrsnjdev
(new jersey,usa)

please be adivsed this happened yrs ago with another conure here and he got a shot and almost died, he went into shock. then vet had to give another shot to reverse shock! i am not keen now on hormone shots! why does this happen? can it be from dry air? we have forced hot air. Please advise.

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May 08, 2009
Conure with feather loss on neck
by: The Vet

I cannot comment on the treatments given in the past because I do not know what was injected.

Feather loss may be related to self mutilation of the feathers, or dermatitis, or trauma from another cage mate, etc. This needs to be looked at by an avian veterinarian to get a diagnosis.

Dr B

May 07, 2009
No More Shots
by: Linda

For one thing, I cannot understand why a vet would give a bird a hormone shot in the first place! If you have your conure with another bird, the other bird may be picking those feathers out without you knowing. It was happening with my male Amazon, and his mate was picking the feathers out right down to the down feathers on his neck, and she would not do it if I was watching her. Now, he has very few feathers in that area, and the ones he does have are yellow instead of green. If they are picked too much, the feathers won't grow back in.

Dry houses can also cause problems as can inadequate diets low in proper nutrients and oils. I use a plant sprayer with warm, not hot water (I also use well-filtered water as ours has a lot of minerals in it which will further dry out their skin)to give mine a light shower a couple times a week. This helps keep feathers and skin cleaner plus it also gets dirt and dust out of their noses. If your bird is on an all seed diet, please consider changing to a high quality pelleted diet like Harrisons. They also make a Birdy Bread mix that is wonderful as well. For the oil it calls for, buy the Organic Red Palm oil that is sold here. The other ingredients are 2 egg whites and water, bake in glass loaf pan or other small glass pan at 350 for about 30 minutes. They have 3 different mixes, and mine like all three of them.

Also, if none of the above works, and it will take a month or more to see any difference, separate birds if they are caged together, and/or have vet check for any bacterial infection. Do not get any more shots as this is normally not necessary for them to have hormone shots. These dry skin feather issues are either related to too dry a house, not enough showers, poor diet or a cage mate pulling the feathers out or all of the above. My Amazons are now in a large HQ flight cage that has a divider in the middle. They can still touch each other and do regular grooming, but she cannot pull his feathers out as he has the option to move out of her way.

Hope this helps.


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