small parrotts sharing a cage

by Rob

We Live in Queensland, Australia. Can we put peach-face & redrump parrots together? can Indian ringnecks/cockateils share a cage? Thnx for your help, R & W

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Sep 05, 2011
Parrots sharing a cage
by: The Avian Vet

Absolutely not. Birds need their own cages. The birds you list are not going to get along. Not only are they from different continents, there are also size differences and behavioral differences. They may do ok initially but inevitably problems arise and someone gets hurt. They lose a toe are the beak is crushed.

Dr B

Sep 05, 2011
small parrotts sharing a cage
by: Linda

GooDay Queensland and Rob!!!

No, you cannot put these species together. The lovebirds are aggressive and will need separate cages. The Ringnecks are also more aggressive, so cannot be housed with the very gentle Cockatiels.

Basic rule about this is keep same species together after they get to know one another by being kept in separate cages. Never put new birds together regardless of species as parrots don't like all other parrots just like we don't like all other people.

So, your little family of birds are going to need separate cages. If you have a room you could use for a safe bird room, then they could play together once they get to know one another. I recommend you or another human always be nearby to watch as mixing aggressive/non-aggressive species is always a concern for injuries.

Thanks for writing, and write again to let us know how this is going,


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