small raw wound on his wing elbow of a cockatiel

by Andrew
(summerland bc canada)

chewy the cockatiel has a small raw wound on his wing elbow he fell out of the nest as a chick he is around 6 months old, boath his wing elbows are bald and when i tried to put a bird dipper on him the velcrow scraped his left elbow it seeped for a few seconds and stoped i followed some advice from my avian vet to put some polysporin on it yesterday and today. but he has started hissing at me and won't come out of the cage on his own.

hes eating and drinking normal i was told to not let him fly for 1-2 weeks so that his small flesh wound won't bleed again. i was woundering if it realy takes 2 weeks to totaly heal from a small velcrow scrape? and if there is anything else i should do?

i got him 3 weeks ago and he was un tamed and he had just started to come out on my finger and sit on my shoulder! i want him to like me he still talks to me and whistels but he is scared to death of me! what can i do? and i just notticed this wierd spot on the wing i'm sending pics. thank you, andrew ferguson.

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May 09, 2011
Maybe xanthoma not a scratch on bird
by: The Avian Vet

Polysporin and other similar greasy ointments are the worst think you can treat wounds with. The greasy ointment will be spread through the feathers ad cause them to no be able to work to keep your bird warm. Do not use these ointments. The picture looks more like a lesion called a xanthoma more than a scratch. You should go to a different avian veterinarian for a second opinion.

It could take two weeks for a wound to heal. But, you need to get a more definitive diagnosis. I think something else is going on with your bird.

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Dr B

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