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Mar 23, 2013
I am an African Grey
by: GeeGee Parrot

Oh.. what a happy story! How lucky Smokey and you were that the guy got bored and gave him to you.. otherwise that would be a very different sory.

Dec 10, 2012
My dear Rita
by: Cherry

Great to hear there are such caring people in this world.

I love Greys. Mine was named Rita, and I loved her as much as you can your own child. Unfortunately, with all the love and care I gave her, she passed away not even being four. It was the day before yesterday, just before her last injection. I really don't know what happened to her after her second injection. I saw traces of blood in her mouth in the morning and was quite concerned and checked her regularly. At night, when we wanted to sleep she started making a sound very much like clearing your throat. I saw traces of blood. It was late so I decided to immediately take her to the vet the next morning. The same thing happened again and her vet didn't answer the phone. I found other vets and got plenty of advice, but they said they couldnt interfere because she was on medication. Her vet would be in in the afternoon, but sad to say we went there for her injection and she saw a dog a stathere screaming as if she was choking and there was blood pouring around from her mouth. She fell to the bottom of her cage, I gently picked her and held her in my arms, but she vomited all the blood in her body and passed away in my arms. No one here has been able to tell me what happened to my beloved child. Not her vet and not any other. For me the pain and agony will be there forever.

My Darling little girl was very bright, knew words and phrases and could use them in context. She even enjoyed coining two words to make them easier to utter.

Jan 19, 2010
Awesome story!
by: Anonymous

What wonderful people you are to rescue Smokey from such an abusive home! Smokey is one of the luckiest birds in the world and it sounds like he knows it!

Sep 07, 2008
Smokey update
by: Lewis

I recently purchased The Avian sun floor lamp. As you all know African Greys do not like new things. At first he was very unhappy when the lamp was over his play stand. After a few days he still was not happy. So What do I do I sit there saying Smokey you are such a good boy you ate your carrots today you had a shower, and everything is ok. So I keep talking to him about different things then start reading a book to him all of a sudden the lamp did not matter he started talking again and be the happy bird that he is. So the moral of the story is talk to your bird in a soft loving voice reassuring him or her that everything is ok.


Aug 23, 2008
a good home
by: lady di

I've had the great pleasure of meeting Smokey and I can tell you, he is a happy boy. He couldn't have gone to a better place. Lew and Alice are two wonderful, caring pet owners. When I first met Lew, I realized that we both share a strong love for birds. I have a wonderful parakeet and it's so much fun to share pet stories. What a beautiful, touching story.


Aug 23, 2008
Smokey your so lucky
by: Anonymous

Smokey good for you for getting a new Daddy who loves you so much. As Grey owners we are happy for you.

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