Smoking around birds

by Pam
(St. Charles, MO, USA)

i am very ashamed to say it but i own two beautiful canaries, and I smoke around them.
One of my canaries started showing signs of breathing hard. He was eating, flying, singing, bathing, and even mating, but was breathing harder by the day. So I took him to the vet. He treated him for a respitatory infection and air sac mites. (Since he wasn't sure which one it was) He seamed to improve a little. But now he is back breathing harder than ever. I just know that it is because of my smoking.
My question is, if I quite smoking right this minute, or move them into another part of the house, will he get better eventually? Or is the damage already done?

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Apr 15, 2009
Smoking around birds
by: The Vet

Eliminating exposure to the smoke will prevent further damage, but the damage that has occurred will not be reversed. You are likely to see labored breathing for years.

Dr. B

Apr 13, 2009
Stop now!
by: Anonymous

Please stop smoking around your birds. I smoke, and always go outside and was my hands super well when I am done.
You may or may not improve your birds health stopping smoking around him, but you certainly will not injure him any further. Birds are very sensitive to nicotine. It will kill them. Please stop, i beg you......

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