Sneezing Amazon

by Sara
(Bogotá, Colombia)

I've been noticing my bird is sneezing quite often lately. It started with 2-3 sneezes and now he sneezes 15 or maybe more times during the day. I can't see any discharge, but I've felt a sort of watery transparent substance ejected from his nostrils.

He also breathes heavily when he gets scared or flies small distances. He does not breathe with his mouth open or moves his tail when breathing, but if I get close enough I can hear something like a faint asthmatic noise(I'm asthmatic myself). We obviously keep him indoors.

I live in a South American country where, ironically, there are NO AVIAN VETS. Just ordinary cat/dog vets, and they've even refused to examine him. There's also no special parrot food either, just bags of seeds which I use only as treats. I try to balance his diet with local fruits and vegetables, cereals and carbs such as whole wheat bread and pasta. I also give him egg yolks 2 times per week, but I still wonder if this might have been caused by nutritional deficiency. The bird's cage is in front of the dinig table and he only eats when he sees us eating. We clean the cage daily. He sleeps in a medium cardboard box with a basket and a perch, covered with a blanket ( the temperature is around 10º at night). He spends most of the day on the top of his cage.

He's only a year old, is very noisy, and is rather whimsical. I would be really greatful.

Considering these conditions I was wondering if an avian vet could help me with possible diagnosis of his sneezing problem.

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Sep 02, 2012
sneezing Amazon
by: Anonymous

Hello, I live in California and have an Amazon. Sneezing can be from several differnt things. First thing I noticed, is the perch is too small. See how his feet are completely wrapped around it? This causes much strain on him. He should have a wider perch, and a varity of sizes. As for the sneezing, check to see if there is any circulating air towards the bird. Hot or cold or room temp, they can not handle constant moving air, as from a fan, air conditioner, or draft from window. Second I would check to see if the box he sleeps in has any dust or something. Birds have delicate respirtory systems. Hope I helped.

Mar 06, 2012
Mine has always sneezed
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a 12 year old orange winged amazon. She has always sneezed since we got her at 6 months old. I have had her tested for everything at 2 avian vets. They say she is fine and is probably just allergy. I have had a vet give her med for allergy. Maybe helped a little but the sneezing does not seem to be a problem. She has very clear eyes and nothing clogging her nostrils. I can feel the wetnes from her sneezing on me sometimes. At night, she sits with me in my chair, goes under my hair and cuddles up. I can hear the faint breath as she is breathing but it sounds fine. I pray she is o.k. I have paid around 1300 to avian vets for them to say she is o.k. Then I all the time read stuff that will scare you to death. If she has a clean proper home, proper foods, love, etc. she should be fine.

Feb 10, 2012
Bird sneezing
by: Tracie

No, there is no way an avian vet can diagnose over the Internet. It could be a disease, a bacterial infection, allergy or something else. I suggest you call an experienced breeder and ask where they take their birds if you can't Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird.

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