Sneezing Green Cheek bird...

Hello, and sorry to bother you. I have a Green Cheek bird that keeps sneezing. I have taken him to the vet, and put him on anti-biotics, but it doesnt seem to be helping. We noticed that when we put the air conditioner on in the house, our bird seems better. Do you know if there are any other natural remedies to help with bird allergies?

Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Jayme

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Jul 04, 2009
Bird sneezing
by: The Vet

Sneezing can be caused by many things. Allergies, dry air, infections, etc. Since your bird is on antibiotics, that will probably cover the infections. However, if this is not an infection, the antibiotics are not going to help. Diagnostics should be done to determine the cause. I recommend having a culture done to see what if any bacteria are growing in the choana and sinuses.

You should also have the nares and sinuses flushed to remove debris that may be contributing to the problem. After determining the cause you can improve environmental conditions by putting in a humidifier. This will help greatly. Regular bathing will also help ? weekly at a minimum.

Be sure that your bird is on a pellet diet. Poor nutrition can make matters worse. Your bird should be eating 80% pellets, 20% treats. I recommend Harrison's pellets. They are the best. The air conditioner may have helped by removing the debris in the air that is causing the sneezing. You should consider an air filter in your bird?s room. Do not get one that produces ozone.

Hope this helps. Dr B

Jun 29, 2009
Sneezing bird
by: The Vet

Allergies are possible, but it also may be that the air is dry. Add a humidifier. It could also be that you have not given the antibiotics long enough to make a difference. Sinus infections can take a couple of weeks to clear up. Did you vet culture this?

Dr B

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