Sneezing leading to Death

by Jennifer Ramos
(El Paso, Tx)

My 18 year old cockatiel got up yesterday morning just like any morning, ate cereal with us on the patio and had a calm typical day.

But last night, she started to sneeze rapidly in short bursts about 2-4 minutes apart. She kept this up from about 6:15 to 7:20. I brought her outside to which she coughed up a bit of fluid which was bubbly, I couldn't tell color. I kept her warm and took her upstairs to sit in her box, which is the place she has slept for many years now. When I came upstairs to check on her before going to feed my Sun Conure and other cockatiel (they are in different cages on the other side of the room). She started to cough/sneeze very violently, which got slower and more labored before she seemed to choke. She stopped breathing altogether and passed away in my hand.

I'm looking for an answer, as my heart tells me there was nothing I could do, but my brain keeps asking why.

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Oct 01, 2011
Cannot say enough
by: Bill

I am SSOOOOO very sorry to hear of your loss!
I DO hope you find out what happened as it is important for your other bird so that there is nothing air borne that the other bird might pick up.
Get a necropsy done as soon as you can!
I lost a Timneh AG who I had for 20 years from kidney failure, and I know how heart broken you feel.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you!

Sep 26, 2011
Bird died suddenly
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. The only way to know why your bird died is to take the bird to an avian vet for a necropsy.

It may be that your bird choked on something, but again nobody can tell over the Internet. I have heard of birds doing this from breathing something toxic or tasting something toxic also.

Again, so sorry this happened. I wish the cause could be determined without an exam, but there is just no way to know.

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